142 - 169 Thank you 7Sage!

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Cold diagnostic in April 2019 was 142, after over a year of studying solely with 7Sage (on and off due to working full time) I snagged a 169 with the June FLEX. Kudos to 7Sage for making such an affordable, effective studying platform.


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    That's incredible!! Congrats!

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    @"Logical Breezoning" +27 points. That's incredible, congratulations!

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    Congratulations!!! :)

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    Can you please give me advice on how you improved so well within 2 months? I’m in a similar boat looking to write in August and I scored 139 on my first practice test I’m looking to score at least in the mid-high 150’s at least by August? Your help would be greatly appreciated

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    wow :open_mouth:

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    @asamoah3 it was 14 months :) I started April 2019. I’ll PM you how I studied tho!

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    WOW Congrats!! Please PM me with study tips!!

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    Congrats!!! That's amazing to hear!

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    Woohoo! Im working part time! Any working and studying tips? Can you please PM me? CONGRATS! SO HAPPY 4 U!

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    Congratulations!!! That is an amazing score increase! Do you have any reading comprehension tips or timing strategies to share? I'm really struggling in these areas :neutral:

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    Congrats! Best of luck with the admissions process. I'd really appreciate you PMing me with some tips.

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    Sent a bunch of messages out - If I have missed one of you in the PMs please let me know! :)

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    Hi, congratulations!!
    Could you please PM me to and share how you studied?
    Thank you so much!!

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    Congrats! I have made gains over the past few months but would really appreciate details on how you studied. That is amazing!!

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    Congrats! I just started studying for LSAT. If you PM me about how you studied, that would be appreciated!

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    PM as well please! @"Logical Breezoning" congrats!!!

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    Many congratulations - that is so amazing!!! Could you please PM me to and share how you studied if you have the time?

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    That's amazing! Congratulations! Could you also let me know how you studied as well? Please PM me!

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    Sorry for giving more work but can you copy and paste what you sent to everyone else to me?

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    Posting just so people can access this without having to PM. Happy to answer any clarifying questions anyone may have. Happy studying!
    On top of what's below, I made and memorized the flash cards here: https://quizlet.com/_8iw236?x=1qqt&i=c0dx3

    I found that memorizing the flash cards helped speed up my response times to identifying and addressing question stems.

    I went through the core curriculum and took three PTs, scoring between 152-157. After those first three PTs (152-157) I drilled what I was missing With timed/BR’d 15 questions sets and I took three more PTs (160-167) and took another look at the analytics. I was able to refine my studying and my skip strategy to better serve me. The PTs you take leading up to the real deal should be in the 80s. There is a huge difficulty disparity between the 60s/70s and thé 80s. The last three i took before taking the real test were 165, 165, and 166. Always 23/23 on LG and varying LR, consistently like -7 on RC.

    I used the analytics to identify which LR questions I was missing the most and put some extra work into them. I used the problem set function and did drills of 15 questions (varying difficulty) for a few weeks until I started to learn the patterns of those specific question types. There are patterns not only in the question stem but also the answer choices, often with trap answers. When it came to test taking, I had to develop a good skip strategy for LR so I wouldn’t waste time. My worst question type was PSA and principle questions, so unless they were in questions 1-10 I just skipped them and came back after I finished. I also skipped questions that I didn’t seem to understand after reading the question stem. What I noticed was that when I came back to the question after finishing the section, something clicked and suddenly the question made sense. Saved me a lot of time rereading the first time.

    Im a pretty mathematical person, so LG came naturally to me. Not to say I didn’t have to learn how to do them, but I think learning was easier for me. For LG knowing when to split the game board is super helpful. To do this you kind of have to play hypotheticals with the master game board, and if, based on one of the rules, there are only 2-3 possible set ups, I’d go ahead and split. Makes it so much more visual and easier to understand. If I found myself stuck on a LG, I often found it was because I was misunderstanding the question or the rules. There is ZERO interpretation in LG, it’s a black and white choice and you can always be 100% confident in your answer if your set up is right and you actually understand the rules. Try to identify which games are challenging for you, what about them makes them challenging, and practice with that isolated issue. 7Sage tags on thé problem set function makes searching for specific question types easy. Going 23/23 on LG is the easiest way to break into the 160s, and it’s very achievable.

    When it came to RC, I figured out which passage types I was better at (law/science) and tried to go through those first, because I knew I would need the extra time for the humanities and misc sections. For the comparative passages (passage A & passage B) I skipped them by default because they were always such a time sink for me. I noticed reading a bit slower actually helped me because it made me have to refer back to the text less frequently, saving time. If you’re stuck on a question that you’ve read 2-3 times already, just learn to skip. Skipping is a life saver and overcoming the pressure of skipping is such a time saver. When you skip efficiently you WILL have time to come back, and more often than not you’ll understand the question the second time around.

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