Flex materials/mechanical pencils?

dhaley22dhaley22 Alum Member
in July 2020 LSAT 118 karma

Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone knows if mechanical (number 2) pencils are allowed for the LSAT flex? I'm taking it Tuesday and want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Also, if there are any other rules/materials that people ran into trouble with so far on the Flex, I would love to know. Thanks in advance!


  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
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    Hey! Mechanical pencils are not allowed for the LSAT Flex, only NR.2 or HB. I didn't run into any problems. My proctor did ask to see my pencils and both sides of my 5 pages of scratch paper.

  • dhaley22dhaley22 Alum Member
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    @mrowley91 did you have a pencil sharpener in case one of them broke?

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