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Best materials to use in addition

aclaversaclavers Monthly Member
in General 4 karma

Curious what everyone is using in conjunction with 7Sage? I am steadily making my way through all of the lessons but feel as though I need a bit more reinforcement. What does everyone reccomend that has made the biggest difference in terms of score gain?


  • FryBreadfruitFryBreadfruit Alum Member
    119 karma

    A wrong answer journal has helped me

  • georgiannajd2bgeorgiannajd2b Alum Member
    65 karma

    I had the same question, so I am starting on the webinars tomorrow. I'm going to review the webinars on the Q's I've already covered, then combine them with the corresponding lessons moving forward.
    Here's the link in case you need it, it took me forever to find them!

  • Heinz DoofenshmirtzHeinz Doofenshmirtz Alum Member
    481 karma

    Before using 7 sage, I had gone through the LSAT trainer and the Powerscore Bibles. I do regret not starting off with 7 sage earlier, and found the Bibles to be only slightly helpful, but I think the LSAT trainer complements 7 sage nicely, particularly in RC and LR. I don't regret starting out with that book at all, I think it would reinforce the basics and help you internalize them. For higher distinction that goes beyond basics (ex: tackling specific question types), nothing beats 7 sage imo.

  • boapeachboapeach Alum Member
    22 karma

    I started out with the LSAT bibles and I found myself making little progress with them. I later switched to the LSAT Trainer where I found the test actually starting to make a bit of sense. So i still look back at it, and the notes, from time to time in conjunction with 7Sage.

  • joeym702joeym702 Monthly Member
    50 karma

    I recommend the Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning as a supplement as well.

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