August LSAT Flex - Is anyone who wants to score 169-180 interested in a small study group?

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Is anyone interested in forming a small study group? I consistently scored 169-170 on PT's. However, I took the LSAT Flex today and I know I felt didn't score anywhere near those scores. Therefore, I had to cancel my score. I am looking to bridge the gap on my weaknesses and hopefully I can help do the same for others.


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    Yes... I meet with 3 other people weekly, shoot me your email and I'll add you to our groupmeet chat. Two of the other girls also took it today and were always planning on reattempting it. We meet through zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays, and we do the test before hand and blind review before meeting and then we cover all the questions that we had difficulties with. We cover both LR sections on Mondays and RC and rarely, but sometimes cover very problematic games. (:

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    @MCHAMP77 Hey! I'm interested. Im currently PTing between 163-165 and looking to make the jump before I take the test.

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    Love to join as well!

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    I would be interested!

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    Love to join!

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    I would also love to join!

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    I'm interested as well!

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    Im interested! Im scoring 167-171 and would like to break 170 in August.

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    You're invited to my new group 'LSAT Study Group' on GroupMe. Click here to join:

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