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Veterans & Law School

Hello there,

My name is Fermin, I’m Combat Veteran. I e served the U.S. Army for 11 years as Infantryman, reached the rank of Staff Sergeant and held all leadership positions within the Infantry Platoon, up to the Platoon Sergeant Position. Wondering why I didn’t go for 20 years when I was so closed? Well that was my plan but then my first daughter was born and changed me, for the good.

I’m now embarking into the process of (1) getting my application together, my statement, letters of recommendations and finally I will taking the LSAT next June (2021, aiming at starting Spring 2022).

I don’t know any one else around me that wants to go to Law School, let alone a Veteran.

Just seeing if there any fellow Veterans here. If there aren’t any then this thread may become the rally point.

Thank you.


  • phillip.mead2phillip.mead2 Legacy Member
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    Hey Fermin, I am currently transitioning out of the Army after 8 years and will be attending law school in August. If you are just now starting your studying, good luck, it’s a tough thing to do while in a full time job. I did mine over a 6 month span while in company command. Stay motivated, make a study plan and stick to it, and let me know if you have any questions about the application process.

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    I am transitioning after 14 years (SFC in the FA.) I'm starting at William & Mary Law School next month. I studied the LSAT for 11 months: two hours before duty, and three hours after. This test takes consistent persistence if you want to do well. The kind Officer above already provided the right answer. Set your target score and do whatever it takes to achieve it. It's like the APFT - who does better? The Soldier who aims for 300 or the one who wants to know the minimums??

    Shoot for the top. Good luck!

  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
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    There are quite a few vets that have gone through 7Sage (and are quite a few in law school!) I was an enlisted Marine and did my 4. I then finished my BA, studied for the LSAT for a year and a half or so, and I'm now going into my 3L year at Northwestern!

    Let us know if you have any questions! We're out here.

  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
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    I don't see the Navy represented yet, so here I am! I am still in the Navy and working as an Officer Recruiter. I transition and start terminal the first week of June 2021. I'm currently getting everything together for the upcoming fall admissions cycle, and am planning to start in Fall 2021. Everything above is great advice! I also do the study before/after work method. It's a good way to split things up especially at the beginning when you need the most time to deep dive into the curriculum.

    I've also used the LSAT Demon to drill (this has really helped increase my score), The Loophole to Logical Reasoning, and 7Sage. Each have great information and helped me in different ways. I finally found my groove when I was doing 1) timed LG sections, 2) drilling LR questions, and 3) doing timed RC questions, in addition to doing one test a week. Just took the July LSAT Flex and I think it went well, but signed up for the August Flex too just in case.

    Additionally, once you take the LSAT and have a recorded score, you can use Service to School. It's a free resource that matches veterans applying to school, with another veteran who has already been accepted and enrolled in that type of school. They have them for law school, business school, and tons of other disciplines. Anyone from any service can use it.

    All the best! Go Navy, Beat Army!

  • CDGarcia99CDGarcia99 Member
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    I'm not in the military, but just wanted to say thank you for your service! :)

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