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End of End of Cycle Results...

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Hi 7Sagers! I've been a member here since June 2019 after I sat my first LSAT. I went on to write it a total of three times and ended up with a solid mid-160s score. My uGPA was an abysmal 2.8 and my degree GPA was a sub-par 3.35. My grad school GPA was 3.8. I am coming from 14 years of active duty enlisted military service. I am non-URM. Here's how my cycle went...(Scholarship amounts are $=25%)

  1. University of California Berkeley - Rejected
  2. University of Minnesota - Rejected
  3. University of Iowa - WL, Accepted
  4. Arizona State University - WL (Withdrawn)
  5. College of William & Mary - Accepted (ATTENDING!) $$+
  6. University of San Diego - Accepted (Withdrawn) $$$
  7. Northeastern University - WL (Withdrawn)
  8. University of Denver - Accepted (Withdrawn) $$+
  9. University of Nebraska - Accepted (Withdrawn) $$$$
  10. University of Wyoming - Accepted (Withdrawn) $$

So, that's how it went! I posted some early results a while back but thought it would be fun to give the full results to (hopefully) inspire those who are still facing the LSAT.


  • avoro002avoro002 Alum Member
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    @99thPercentileOrDieTryin Thanks for the post! William and Mary is my #1 choice too, plus I live not too far from it. I hope to be accepted by it for 2021 cycle. I am also looking into university of Minnesota and northeastern University too.
    Could you please share your experience with the application process for William and Mary?
    I'd really appreciate any info on this.

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    @avoro002 The process for William & Mary is similar to other LSAC schools. One difference is W&M has questions specifically related to circumstances affecting GPA - which benefitted my application. Additionally, I wrote a GPA addendum and had great letters of recommendation from high-ranking military officers. If I can offer any meaningful advice it's, honestly, to crush the LSAT - it seems to be the biggest thing most schools care about because it has such a high correlation with first year grades.

    Let me know if there's anything more specific you'd like to know.

  • avoro002avoro002 Alum Member
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    @99thPercentileOrDieTryin thank you so much for the reply! Congratulations on your acceptance and scholarship. You really worked hard for it. I've been studying for over10 mon already and signed up for the Aug test. I know schools care most about LSAT score, however, I was wondering if William and Mary cared for high GPA and personal statement. I don't see myself scoring in 170s, but hoping that my high GPA and strong personal statement would make a difference.

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    According to lawschoolnumbers, I have one of the higher LSATs and one of the lower GPAs heading into this semester at William & Mary. Which is to suggest that the school appears to favor higher LSATs. If you have a strong PS and a high GPA, you should definitely get accepted with a median LSAT score (163). Of course, shoot for the highest score you can for that scholarship $$$!

  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
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    Congratulations on your acceptance at William & Mary! It's a great school and in such a cool place. I'm also military and have a 2.9 (I was on a NROTC scholarship and had to take Calc I and II, Physics I and II, Naval engineering, etc. as an English major...ugh) and haven't gotten my score back yet but felt it wasn't my best so signed up for the August one. I'm applying to all SoCal schools since my spouse is staying in and we plan to settle down there. Seeing your acceptance and scholarship at USD makes me feel more hopeful! What branch did you serve in?

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    Thank you, @mrowley91 I was Army. USD is such a beautiful campus (and I was born in San Diego!) It was hard to turn down. I hope your score surprises you in a good way! Good luck, sir.

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