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PT1 S3 Q25 Please explain this AC

ccb7ngccb7ng Monthly Member I losing my mind here? The type of work described in AC A (the alleged correct answer) isn't even mentioned in Jorge's statement. AC E (what I chose) describes a work of art that both Shanna and Jorge have differing opinions on. Unless moral right =/= ethical right, or if "tires of it" doesn't qualify as "finds caring inconvenient", I really do not see how answer choice E is incorrect. Could this be a mistake in the system?


  • caw8tzzzcaw8tzzz Alum Member
    135 karma

    Hi you have to pay close attention to word choice in these answers.

    Answer E: It is "legally permissible" for a mural to be destroyed by the owner if he/she "tires" of it.

    Would Shanna agree with this? We have no idea if Shanna would or would not agree with this because we don't know what Shanna thinks is "legally permissible." All we know is that Shanna would likely find this ethically permissible. Additionally, "tires of it" may not necessarily qualify as finding it inconvenient so we should be skeptical of that language.

    Would Jorge agree with this? Again, we have no idea what Jorge thinks about legal permissibility. We cannot assume that because Jorge thinks that historically valuable items should be preserved that this also means that Jorge would disagree with this statement because we don't know his thoughts on the legality of the situation, just the morality.

    Answer A: Anyone who owns an unflattering portrait of something is ethically justified in destroying on the basis that it is unflattering.

    Would Shanna agree with this? Yes, Shanna would agree because Shanna thinks that as long as you own the portrait AND find it aesthetically distateful, then you can ethically destroy it.

    Would Jorge agree with this? No because Jorge says that even though you own it, you are not morally justified in destroying it. So Jorge would not agree that anyone could destroy such a piece of art.

    Now, the type of artwork describe in this AC is not all that important because it is the only AC that they would disagree about. Shanna refers to ANY art (so this portrait would qualify) and Jorge refers to unique works of art which this portrait may qualify as.

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