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Employer Reference

I want my law application to highlight my work experience since it's an area of strength for me. Because of this, I want to ask my employer for a reference. However, I plan to continue working at my current job for the next year before starting school and am nervous that asking for a reference from my workplace could result in reduced opportunities at work or employment risk for me. I could, however, ask for a reference from a client executive I know well who recently left the company for another opportunity. How would it be perceived to submit a reference letter from a past executive from my company, rather than a current one? Also, does anyone have experience asking for a reference from a current employer who does not yet know that you plan to leave the company?


  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Member
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    You want to try for references from professors or course instructors. You can have work letters but they don't talk about you academically.

  • CharlotteKCharlotteK Member
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    @lsatplaylist - to clarify, I would do 1-2 reference letters from academic sources, but am hoping to also have 1 employer reference

  • ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
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    @CharlotteK Would it be possible to ask for a reference from someone in the organization that knows your work well but that is not your direct supervisor? When I had to ask for references for leaving my first job to my second, I asked my account executives that I worked with everyday for a reference - they were sad to see me go but they weren't my managers per se so if it didn't work out it wouldn't have harmed my relationship with my bosses.

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