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PT3.S4.Q20- Homelessness is a serious social problem

miriaml7miriaml7 Live Member
edited August 2020 in Logical Reasoning 1024 karma

Answer choice C: "it is compatible either with accepting the conclusion or denying it"

I have seen this answer choice in other AP questions and want to make sure I understand what it means. From my understanding, this answer choice is an indirect way of stating that the part of the argument that we find in the question stem is the conclusion. Is this correct?

Also, I had a really hard time trying to determine whether or not the first sentence in the stimulus was the main conclusion. Is the last sentence in the stimulus a sub-conclusion? For me, that last sentence is more of a summary of the first sentence. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


  • NamritaktNamritakt Member
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    Hi there! With your reasoning, that homelessness is a serious social problem would be the conclusion. This sentence is more so context. The “but further government spending to provide low-income housing is not the cure for homelessness” is our main conclusion because it makes you ask “why”? This is not the case with the statement that homelessness is a serious social problem. Does this statement make you ask “why”? Or do you feel it’s subjective in nature. To me, it has neither of these qualities, and reads more like context. “The most cursory glance...” is clearly reasoning. What does it explain? It discusses real estate/housing, which is mentioned in the second sentence, indicating that the second sentence is our main conclusion. “So the frequent claim that...” simply reiterates the idea that “further government spending to provide low-income housing is not the cure for homelessness.” If anything, we could call it a sub conclusion. Now, what is context? It’s compatible with denying or accepting the conclusion because it’s not so subjective. It’s just background. For instance let’s replace the first sentence of the stimulus with “there is currently a horrible pandemic sweeping the nation.” Is this not compatible with me arguing that “we should prevent further spread through x method” OR arguing that we should not prevent it using x method, but rather y method. Because it’s just context, it could be used support or deny any conclusion. This is AC C. Hope this helps!

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