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Weird score dip??? Please help!!

seriouslyseriously Alum Member
in General 199 karma

Hey guys! I've been studying for the LSAT for about a year, and am planning to take in August. A month ago, I began averaging near my goal score. I scored 6 PTs in a row at about that range, and then suddenly, I saw a 4 point drop. I thought it may be a fluke at first, but I have now scored 5 tests in a row below my average from last month. I don't feel burnt out, I haven't changed my approach at all, and so I'm not sure how to diagnose/resolve this issue.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, please let me know what approach worked for you.


  • lipkin.15lipkin.15 Alum Member
    55 karma

    the two weeks leading up to July the same thing happened to me. Scored like normal on the actual thing- very good chance it is just stress

  • seriouslyseriously Alum Member
    199 karma

    @"lipkin.15" thank you!!

  • Chicago_HornChicago_Horn Alum Member
    68 karma

    LSAT scores are described as a score band of plus or minus three points from your scaled score. Four points is close enough to this. It's probably natural fluctuations on tests. LSATs perform the same over tens of thousands of test takers, but that's not to say each LSAT performs the same way in your hands. Some tests feature your strengths, some your weaknesses, and some are in the middle. Four points is well within the realm of natural fluctuations, and 6 tests in a row near your target score prove you can do it. ie, if you can get a 170 on an LSAT you are that 170, even if you get a 163 on the next PT. There's a reason why law schools take only your highest score. It's because if you can achieve a score, that truly reflects your ability.

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