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PSA Help/Tips

I have been struggling with PSA questions. I am averaging -3 on LR section and most of the time the questions I get wrong have been PSA. So far, I've been through the PSA lessons provided by 7Sage and have seen some improvement, but it still seems like something just isn't clicking. Its hard to pin-point what I'm doing wrong in terms of approach and would really appreciate any insight on others' approaches.


  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
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    Not sure if this will help you but it helped me. When I started out, I would almost treat PSA questions like NA questions. I wouldn't want to pick certain answer choices because they felt like they were "overkill" and gave more than was needed to fix an argument, so I would miss the right answer choices. Recognizing that you're allowed to overkill when they ask you "the conclusion follows if which one of the following is assumed" helped me 100%.

  • ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
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    @joeyshulik44 I've struggled with PSA (but also principle questions as well) and my issue has never been the SA component but rather the even more hyper-vague and opaque language that LSAC seems to deploy on principle questions.

    Making sure during blind review you are 'translating' the referential phrasing correctly might help.

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