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Disability accommodations

tmh5947tmh5947 Alum Member
in General 313 karma

How do I know if My request gets approved? Where on my account do I look? Also I read it could take 14 days, has anyone gotten them back sooner?


  • MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
    976 karma

    I think you should get an email and you'll see on the front page of your LSAC account. There will be a big section describing your accommodations but you should get an e-mail first. I've heard of it taking as little as a few days.

  • randyyyy98randyyyy98 Alum Member
    61 karma

    I got mine later than 14 days, it will post a confirmation letter and state what you have been granted. I think I waited 20+ days

  • yetgasakivyetgasakiv Monthly Member
    42 karma

    I remember sending in my app on July 15, and I didn’t get a response til last Friday. My guess is LSAC is trying approve accommodations as thoroughly as they can. If you don’t get an email by the end of this week, I would directly call the accommodation phone number. Don’t email them, you will be waiting for a while. Call and let them know you haven’t received a response yet. Best wishes

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