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LG Anxiety

thetrinabaileythetrinabailey Core Member
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Looking for suggestions on how to tackle anxiety associated with LG game board set-up and translating the rules? In most cases, I draw/write set-up, second guess myself, erase, freeze, freeze some more, scramble to reconstruct game board and rules, run out of time. I think I created a HUGE mental block for myself as it relates to the LG section. Anyone else experience this? Suggestions on how to overcome LG mental block/anxiety?


  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
    225 karma

    LSAT Wizard on youtube

  • hey I had the same thing. The only thing that really helped me was OVEREXPOSURE. I did all games from 1-35 about 4 times each making sure to foolproof them. Theres a link somewhere here about that strategy. Now, I can finish just about every game. Even if im not sure how im going to proceed. I just start and things click

  • julianaporoye27julianaporoye27 Alum Member
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    I think the strategy has been referred to as the "Pacifico Method". This is the link to it

  • alienman1000alienman1000 Core Member
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    Hey, you responded to one of my posts so i am now returning the favor and telling you how I began improving this week. Go On and pay for the program and watch his videos and do his drills. I have done one 3 hour lesson and I have already seen much more improvement than just "drilling."

  • rmoxley86rmoxley86 Member
    10 karma

    Thank you so much for posting this, @thetrinabailey ! My experience mirrors yours. Makes me feel far less alone and has been so helpful to see everyone's responses on here. :) Big hug to you!

  • calvinnhobbescalvinnhobbes Core Member
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    I feel you, anxiety especially on LG where so many questions depend on a good setup are tough! One thing I'm sure you've realized is that the first question in each LG is usually an "acceptable scenario" question that you can almost definitely get right even if you don't set up anything at all - perhaps try just doing that one first based on the rules and ruling things out - I also get anxiety with these and sometimes the feeling of OK I got one down helps "crack" that freeze and helps me have more confidence going forward proceeding to the set up. If you're doing a full LG section on a preptest and encounter a game that is taking a long time to set up or is especially confusing, move to the next one and come back to it! Good luck, you're awesome and you can do it!

  • JaBoiLunchboxJaBoiLunchbox Core Member
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    I've adapted a few approaches that have helped to soothe my testing anxiety..

    For one @ObjectionQuarantined, is totally right, overexposure is extremely helpful. This is especially true if you get comfortable with weird 'misc.' games. If you can figure those out, relatively straightforward grouping/sequencing games are much less daunting. Doing enough games, you will figure out how most game types work and which set ups are good and which ones are not. Don't worry too much about getting the right set-up or template. Just relax and set out to present the rules (and their implications) in a way that works best for the time being, and you can fix and improve that presentation when you review the game later on.

    I would also recommend that when you come across a game you cannot figure out, to go into the questions and look at what they are asking you and how they are presenting the variables. A lot of the time, I find that the questions reveal the optimal set-up for the game. For example, if there are multiple variables in a grouping game and I'm not sure which one the set up should be built around, there's usually a question that establishes some variable as static and the answer choices are the variables that you should plug-and-play in your game board.

    There's also a lot of games that don't require a very structured game board and you can get a lot of answers correct just by having a thorough understanding of the rules.

  • thetrinabaileythetrinabailey Core Member
    138 karma

    @calvinnhobbes Thank you so much for the feedback and the encouragement. I really appreciate it!

  • thetrinabaileythetrinabailey Core Member
    138 karma

    @rmoxley86 Big hug back to you! We got this.

  • thetrinabaileythetrinabailey Core Member
    138 karma

    @ObjectionQuarantined Overexposure! Got it. Great advice.

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