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looking for a study partner/accountability partner

snawabi4snawabi4 Alum Member
in General 22 karma

Hi! im planning on taking the November test and would love to have a partner to hold each other accountable. Im currently testing in the 145-150 score range and would like to be getting up to at least 165. HMU!


  • jpgreensteinjpgreenstein Alum Member
    136 karma

    I'm taking August but I'm always down help.

  • ValianthopeValianthope Yearly Member
    26 karma

    what do you with a partner? do we just remind each other to practice ?

  • neolsat17neolsat17 Member
    10 karma

    Interested. But, similar to the comment above, what do you have in mind?

  • CG______CG______ Monthly Member
    22 karma

    Hi! I am registered on the November LSAT. I am very interested in finding a study buddy that can keep me accountable with my studying habits. What do you think with being on skype and answering LSAT questions on a time limit and discussing each question?

  • RMaravillaRMaravilla Monthly Member
    8 karma

    Maybe we can do a study partner group?

  • 13 karma

    Hi, Im also looking for a studying partner. im down to do times sections/ questions and go over answer ,via skype, ft, whatever. Im also taking the Nov Test.
    let me know if anyone is interested.

  • kcordero815kcordero815 Alum Member
    28 karma

    Hi, I am also taking the test in November and aiming for a 165. I would be definitely interested.

  • perolike8perolike8 Legacy Member
    23 karma

    @RMaravilla said:
    Maybe we can do a study partner group?

    Same! I'm also taking the Nov test.

  • rcorredorrcorredor Alum Member
    10 karma

    Hey! I'm PT'ing low to mid 160s right now and would be down to help each other out! Also taking the November test.

  • T14plssssT14plssss Alum Member
    134 karma

    Im PTing in the high 150s if anyone is still looking. I'm registered for November, but pretty early on in my studying, and might try again in Jan if November doesn't go reasonably well.

  • Blake MorrisBlake Morris Monthly Member
    102 karma

    Hey there. I am taking October and November. Looking for a study partner to track progress and do content reviews with. Shoot me a message if interested.

  • lmdooooolmdooooo Alum Member
    43 karma

    Hi, I am taking October test. My goal is 165+. Look for study partner. we can BR, go over questions together through Zoom, Skype,etc. Message me if you are interested.

  • maxx_savinmaxx_savin Alum Member
    11 karma

    Hello! Taking the test in October and November. Currently doing nothing else other than preparing for law school next year, so I am really looking for someone to grind away the lsat at with. We have very similar scores and the same goals, let me know if you (or anyone else) is interested in partnering up!

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