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September 2nd Flex Exam

mma23a-1mma23a-1 Monthly Member
edited August 2020 in General 45 karma

Dear 7Sagers,

I hope to keep this very brief. I took the July LSAT Flex and received a 150, however I was only able to successfully complete two of the games during the exam. I seem to truly struggle with finishing logic games in the time allowed. I have the August LSAT flex on September 2nd, my goal score is 155+. My highest PT was a 161, I would say I'm average in LR and RC, during LR I usually complete most if not all the questions rather confidently then realize there's a fine line between the correct answer and the wrong one that I chose. Where should I direct my studies before my exam, would completing all 4 games successfully help me achieve my score. Are there any tips in developing consistency? I do devote time to studying but I feel like there is no gradual improvement and with my test coming up in nine days I am truly starting to feel burnt out and under pressure. I understand the scores above may not be as high as people usually hope to achieve but understanding my needs and my realistic expectations this is what I am trying to accomplish.

Thank you all in advance and best of luck to everyone.


  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
    203 karma

    Hey! I'm not a high scorer by any means, but I've been able to get my LG to around -2 most of the time. I did this simply by doing games over and over again. I think the repetition really helps you see patterns and recognize when you've maybe missed something. I think the repetition also helps with speed. I've used foolproofing as well as just doing a ton of different types of games untimed to allow myself time to work through difficult games and figure out the logic on my own. Best of luck!

  • 7SageUser-27SageUser-2 Member
    58 karma

    I echo the comments above. LG was easily my worst section when I started out and when I started the 7Sage curriculum, the really easy games that JY suggested should take 6/7 minutes took me 12. If you fullproof and enough and just get really accustomed to recognizing the patterns and thought processes, your speed is going to go up without you even really noticing.

  • LegalSeahorseLegalSeahorse Alum Member
    60 karma

    Absolutely focus on LG. That is the easiest section to improve upon, in my opinion. With regular practice, -0 is not impossible. It will give you the highest score jump, especially since you are on a time crunch. I would focus improvement on LG and take all the newer PTs. Repetition is what makes you faster in LG.

  • hopefullinghopefulling Alum Member
    edited August 2020 905 karma

    Focus on LG in the hopes of finishing at least 3 of the 4 (instead of 2 of the 4). If you're able to PT a 161 and not finish all the logic games (assuming that was a timed score?) before the end of 35 minutes, that's a pretty good baseline. But, if you can squeeze out ONE more LG, then your -12 can potentially become a -6 (although with guessing, it's probably much less than both these worst-case numbers!!). But, still do drills on the other sections, so you can maintain your progress on those and hopefully improve a little more there also. :) Good luck!!

    ETA: focus maybe on the Grouping game types, so that you're at the same time trying to improve your time on the hardest of the games. Maybe it will have the added benefit of a similarly-structured game on your actual test. And/or, I do the games with the most questions first, to maximize point gains. If you're going to skip, try to skip the 5-question games. ... Sorry if I'm saying things you already know and are applying.

  • raspberrylagoonraspberrylagoon Alum Member
    14 karma

    Echoing everyone else's comments here. I took the LSAT back in January and got -14 on LG. I had no idea how to set up most game types and could only get to 2 max. I've been focusing solely on drilling games for the last few months and am now consistently able to get to all 4 on PTs. I would highly suggest just doing as many games as possible-- I heard that advice and didn't fully believe it but it really is true that you start picking up patterns and things click at a certain point.

    Some specific time management advice that helped me is to think strategically about which questions you're answering first (ones that give you viable scenarios-- the standard first question, "if" questions, etc.) so that you have examples to refer to for time sucking questions like what can never be true. And allow yourself to move on from questions if they're preventing you from starting another game that you might be able to squeeze a few points out of.

    Hope that helps-- best of luck! :)

  • DarklordDarklord Alum Member
    586 karma

    @mma23a-1 wait what are you talking about? The August LSAT flex hasn't even happened yet, and I had no idea that there was even a September 2nd LSAT flex...

  • mma23a-1mma23a-1 Monthly Member
    45 karma

    I'm so thankful for all your responses truly and I feel confident that with enough drilling I'll be able to get 3 if not 4 done in time and hopefully do well in the other sections. I definitely feel I am already at an advantage due to taking the Flex once already so hopefully I can carry that confidence on. I will create a games problem set and try to recognize these overall patterns that are seen. Once again best of luck to all.

  • nanabillannanabillan Alum Member
    347 karma

    @hopefulling I think your advice is spot on! I am also implementing your advice. I think targeting a game or even an RC passage with the greatest # of Qs can potentially yield the biggest return.

    You also answered an internal Q I have been debating as to how I should continue Full-proofing as I am still in that process and I agree that grouping games sounds like a solid plan.

    @mma23a-1 I think you should continue drilling LR and RC. I was focusing on RC for a week and neglected LR and I got super rusty. I also agree with everyone else that LG will give you that jump in points that you are seeking.

    @Darklord Sept 2nd is one of the August-Flex option dates LSAC offered August test takers.


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