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Score fluctuating like crazy!!! What do I make of this?!

SarahSpanishSarahSpanish Member
edited August 2020 in General 38 karma

Hey guys! My score on recent PTs has been swinging up and down like crazy! Like in a matter of one or two weeks I've been at a 171, then a 159, then a 169. Im literally including a link to a photo so you all can see how big these swings are:

If it were only 4 or 5 points I wouldnt care so much... but Im hoping to test in October and want to control for this variation more! The score difference between my last two tests is literally 159-169. What on earth?!

Has anyone experienced this? Any tips to combat this or at least understand what it means?

thank you!!!


  • MomentoMoriMomentoMori Member
    45 karma

    I have the same fluctuation, with my highest at 174 and my lowest at 162. I think for me personally, it was a matter of not being focused when I messed up my scores, as well as certain tests having all of my weaker/stronger question types.

  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
    225 karma

    It could depend on section order. I do best when RC is first, for example. Just a guess.

  • chsc3555chsc3555 Member
    edited August 2020 66 karma

    I've also had a lot of variation. Scored a 160 right before a 167 -- pretty weird.

    Maybe you can glean some insight from the questions you get wrong in your lower-scoring tests. For instance, I scored a 160 because a logic game tripped me up much worse than usual and screwed up my timing for the rest of the section.

    I'm just assuming that more and more practice will lead to improved consistency. I'm not sure what else would.

    I'm taking the test in October as well -- good luck to us!

  • ramiro.a.vel94ramiro.a.vel94 Alum Member
    18 karma

    my fluctuation is awful. in my last 8 PTs i've gone from 163 to 175 and all the way back to 160. The test is cruel. Burnout is real.

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