Broke the Barrier, (low 140's - 171, PT's)

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Finally surpassed my goal of 170 with my first PT score of 171. Beyond excited for my next official test.

For those interested: I scored somewhere in the low 140's on my very first, pre-study diagnostic, 157 on my first offically recorded LSAT in November of last year, after purely self-directed study. In May of this year, I wrote another test via LSAT-FLEX in May of this year without any additional studying (due to a death in the family) and scored 160. I scored a 163 on my pre-7Sage journey, again without any additional studying, and since completing most of the core curriculum, I have scored (on PT's) in this exact order: 165,166, 167 & 168,171. I believe this shows proof of steady improvement and consistency.
My test in November will be my 3rd officially scored LSAT, and I just wanted to provide reassurance for first time test takers as well as repeaters that improvement is not only possible, but under direction from 7Sage, is practically inevitable.

Best of luck to my fellow 7Sage-rs, regardless of your goal. I wish you all the best in crushing it. Stick to the course material, then drill, drill, drill. With J.Y.'s guidance, support from other 7Sage-rs and the whole 7Sage team, you can have achieve your goal with the right amount of time and determination.


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