Anxiety Attack During LSAT - Should I Cancel??

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This was my second LSAT experience. I was supposed to take it yesterday, but I had a nightmare experience with internet connection and an unhelpful proctor so I took it this morning.

I deal with severe, diagnosed anxiety, thus I use accommodations. Yesterday I felt so calm and ready, and things going wrong really shook me. I practiced a lot of yoga, breathing, mindfulness, and self care to get just reset and try today.

My test order was LR-RC-LG

I am not sure what went wrong but halfway through the 1st LR section I had a panic attack. I managed to answer as much as I could, but had about 10-11 LR questions flagged. I usually miss 3-7 there in practice. I cried a little bit during the break, then I did my yoga, breathing, mindfulness again to regroup myself. I felt better after taking my time sitting down and doing the reading section. I saw a lot of people say it was very hard. It wasn't terrible as I expected, but one prompt was difficult for me (which is fine RC is usually my weakest). I had about 8 questions flagged there that I just was not sure about... (of course I may get other things wrong since Idk why RC is my toughest).

I took my other break and my LG felt pretty awesome. I feel confident about every answer I gave. I know sometimes people can get answers wrong due to over confidence, but it did feel easier than normal.

I think i easily missed 20-25 questions during this test. Unfortunately, score preview isnt an option for me, since I took my test the first time in May. I'm not sure if I should cancel?? My first score was a 151. I was trying to get a higher score (higher 150's - best case 160's). The calculators make it seem worst case it would be the same score? Idk what to do..

I am URM with a disability and low income. I felt a lot of pressure to get a higher score for scholarships, but never been the best standard test taker. I worked super hard for a year now and my practice tests improved from a 128 to my best PT 161. My average test scores from the past 9 practice tests have averaged about 155. All of my counselors say that my resume is very extraordinary and will help me stand out. My Undergrad GPA was a 3.58 from a top 20 school.

Sorry this is long I just wanted to give context. I am afraid to cancel it because what if it is slightly higher score than 151. I am also afraid if I don't cancel it, will a score lower than 151 hurt how I'm perceived by the schools?



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    "The calculators make it seem worst case it would be the same score? "
    Don't cancel if that's the worst case.

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    your mental health is most important. get your mind off of it for a day or a couple, if you can. keep going and always do what feels right in your heart. that suffering is hard and relatable, and the strength required to keep going and persevere must be acknowledged. you got this. much love.

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    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that you're definitely not alone in your fight with anxiety. I just took mine today and had really bad anxiety the day before and up until my exam. I felt super disoriented and just physically unwell. Deep breathing helped a lot, but I definitely had to take my as needed anti-anxiety medication before the exam. I know it absolutely sucks to deal with such mental stress, but I think what you're doing to manage your anxiety is definitely helping!! Unfortunately, sometimes exams just don't go how we plan no matter how much we prepare so don't be too hard on yourself for this singular event.

    I agree that you should definitely take a couple days off just to re-evaluate your flex experience from a fresh mindset. Maybe that clarity will help you decide whether to cancel or not! Also, I will say that some PTs that I've taken and thought I did terrible on actually turned out fine or better than anticipated! You just never know. Either way, do what you feel is best for your situation. Wishing you the best. :smile:

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    Don't cancel. You already have a score on the books, so there's no benefit in cancelling a score even if it ends up lower. Law schools look at your highest score. If it does end up significantly lower than your first score (I'm talking 140 or less) then it could be beneficial to write a LSAT addendum saying you had a panic attack during this test.

    I always say, unless you are absolutely, positively, 100% sure you did not get the score you want (i.e. didn't answer 20 questions on a section or something) then you should always keep the score and see how you did. You might get a happy little surprise!

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