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LSAT Writing Results still pending over 2 weeks later

nmc006nmc006 Member
in General 36 karma

Anyone else still waiting for their LSAT writing to go through? I wrote the August LSAT and results are supposed to come out this Friday, and I'm freaking out a little that I won't be able to view mine. I did the writing portion August 29.


  • snelllasnellla Core Member
    103 karma

    I would consider calling them and making sure there wasn't an issue?

  • Yep, my results say still pending. I think I took mine on 9/2.

    It's kind of stressful considering that if they "deny" my writing results, I'll have to take it from now until Friday, so I'm guessing that would mean they wouldn't process it by Friday? :/

  • isaaccccc03isaaccccc03 Member
    75 karma

    Mine only took 3-4 business days until LSAC approved it

  • nmc006nmc006 Member
    36 karma

    @snellla I called; they can't give you any info that's not on the website.

    @bookwormhermione the rep said 2-3 weeks for processing, so if mine takes the full 3 weeks, it would be next Monday. She said they're trying to process them bc they're aware of the score release this Friday, so we'll see!

  • aash_775aash_775 Member
    9 karma

    I'm also still waiting for mine to process and I took it on 9/2... let's hope it's sorted out before Friday morning!

  • gem47755gem47755 Core Member
    8 karma

    I took mine on 8/31 and literally just got the notification that my writing sample had been approved. So nearly exactly 2 weeks for it to be approved.

  • - El Sat -- El Sat - Alum Member
    edited September 2020 9 karma

    I'm in the same boat! Took mine on 8/31 and am still waiting for the results. It's killing me, haha

    Edit (7:15pm, 8hrs later): approved! just got the email. best of luck to everyone.

  • kilgoretroutkilgoretrout Alum Member
    795 karma

    I took mine on September 1st. Had some technical issues, of course. I finished it but called LSAC as soon as I could to tell them about it and ask for a rewrite. After being on hold for over an hour the rep told me she'd send tech support an email to reset mine. However, my original writing sample still says "results pending"... I don't think I'll be seeing my August score anytime soon, lol. Sucks because I'm also signed up for October.

  • BullfroggerBullfrogger Member
    184 karma

    I did mine on September 1 and am still waiting. Hopefully we can see our scores the day they are released.

  • lawtina-1lawtina-1 Alum Member
    39 karma

    With their enormous profit, you would think they could hire a few more staff members to help sort through these writing samples!! I also wish that if you were just awaiting the approval on their end, you could see your score. We've done our part and are just waiting for them to do theirs.

  • sarahisksarahisk Member
    272 karma

    What is it exactly that they're taking so much time on anyway? You'd think that an unscored portion of the test wouldn't take so long to review. Don't they just need to play back to the footage to check for cheating or something?

  • jknarf513jknarf513 Member
    189 karma

    I am so frustrated with the LSAC writing was a nightmare to install the software and I felt like their instructions about what to do before the test (room scan, scrap paper, etc.) were not super clear. Still waiting and it has been a week and a half :/

  • Oni LSATOni LSAT Alum Member
    218 karma

    Everyone seems to have different wait time between their writing and its acceptance. I took mine on September 1st and it was accepted on September 8th.

  • LS-AT WalkerLS-AT Walker Alum Member
    66 karma

    Took it September 3rd. Still waiting on results.

  • yazminseyazminse Member
    193 karma

    Where we supposed to get an email once we submitted the writing portion? I did it on sept 8th and just realized I never got an email. It does say results pending

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