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Logical Reasoning help!

Hi Everyone. My biggest struggle is logical reasoning and timing . I’m always able to bring the answer choices down to two and then end up picking the wrong answer but the correct answer was the other choice. Please help on tips/ strategies.


  • Isabel PIsabel P Monthly Member
    edited September 2020 24 karma

    not sure how far into your study process you are, but if you have some time before you take the test, i really recommend The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim. I bought it for $20 on Amazon and I think he does an awesome job at explaining logical reasoning and reading comprehension and provides awesome strategies for problem solving. I think his lessons on logic games are not super strong and that's why I bought 7Sage, but it was great for LR!!!

  • Nomads PoemNomads Poem Legacy Member
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    I think it would help to spend a lot more time on Blind Review.
    In your case, you should (as always) break down not only why the right answer is right and all the others wrong, but what the DIFFERENCE between the correct and your chosen incorrect answer is.

    You want to be able to zero in on your thinking process in actively straying away from the correct answer and actively choosing the incorrect answer.
    Sometimes that answer might be "I didn't actually read the answer choices thoroughly"
    or it may be that you assumed something where you shouldn't have.

    I suggest dig deeper into your thought process even if you're doing answering less questions per study session.

  • Thank you for the assistance. I will try this out more . I am getting into the habit of doing more blind reviews. I have actually only ever done two. I can see where spending more time will be helpful.

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
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    This was a major problem for me. On the great majority of questions, even easier ones I was often tempted by two answer choices. I figured my luck was worse than the average person because I always seemed to pick the wrong answer. Often, but not always I was able to figure out the correct answer during BR with unlimited time and no pressure. Reality looked like I had about a 20 point gap in my timed and BR scores for a long long time.
    The loophole in logical reasoning by Ellen Cassidy really helped me learn to take the test more pro actively. I combined most of that book with what I have learned from 7Sage and made vast improvements to not only my score itself but also in how I feel when I take the test. I generally don't waiver between B and E anymore- because I am looking for answer choice and just moved right on by answer choice B. Typically, when I get a question wrong in LR now it is because I mis read the stimulus or because I let test anxiety take over and didn't follow my process. But the answer choices are there to trap you and these test makers are brilliant at writing their traps. Learning to take the test pro actively means that you will be able to much better see those traps coming.

  • creid7498creid7498 Monthly Member
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    I find when reviewing a missed Logical Reasoning question I have misinterpreted an answer choice. This is typically done by not taking what is written at face value and letting your own interpretations seep into your analysis of the answer choices. You have to train yourself to be a robot when reading the answer choices. Something could be logical on the test but seem illogical in your brain because you're interpreting the question using background information instead of limiting yourself to the information in the text.

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