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7Sage Law School Predictor and the actual outcome?

Hi all, for those of you who used this tool and have gone through an application cycle, how have your percentages contested with your outcome? For example, did you see more acceptance from schools where your chances were over 50%, or more rejections where your chances were below 50%?

P.S. Please feel free to share cases when they did not match. I'm also interested in how your softs must have played out.



  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    Just here to say I’m interested to hear what people say about this!!

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
    2054 karma

    I am also interested, but I think the caveat here is that the results are going to depend on intangibles as much as anything else, which means the anecdotal data here is going to be just that, anecdotal. I would anticipate that a person will either fall right in line with the predictor, maybe making 0-2 reaches and most of their median schools or they will make most of their reaches or none of their reaches. Some people are just going to have applications or softs that schools will think makes up for the data factors. Others, like me, are extreme super-splitters and going to be all over the place.

    All that said, hearing about how others in a similar boat do can give us a sense of confidence, acceptance, or security. If no one with my stats gets the acceptances/money I hope for then I can accept I might need to walk back my expectations while hoping for more. If many do I might not worry so much.

  • 99thPercentileOrDieTryin99thPercentileOrDieTryin Free Trial Member
    652 karma

    I found it to be fairly accurate. Of course, I was waitlisted at a 70% and am now attending a 20% so...

  • audeamus300audeamus300 Alum Member
    226 karma

    Thanks all for sharing!!

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