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Im curently stuck at 152 need tips on how to improve my LR and RC by November

IzzyVar55IzzyVar55 Member
in General 120 karma

Please let me know how you guys got into the 160's


  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
    225 karma

    Doing PTs and then reviewing them, using analytics to drill weakness, do more PT, repeat, wrong answer journal, LSAT Wizard on Youtube for LGs, LSAT Hacks for reviewing, and of course 7sage. Also, I do blind reviews with a friend i made on here and it's supportive. Got a 161 last month, PTing much higher, taking it one more time. GL. ALso I do the RC drills everyday too. I print out materials and drills and take them everywhere I go.

  • ColdBrew180ColdBrew180 Member
    156 karma

    My tip is to stay calm and remember that you are scrutinizing the LSAT, it's not scrutinizing you. You have the power over it, not the other way around!

  • saraiglazesaraiglaze Free Trial Member
    13 karma

    As for improving RC I will say go back to the basics and break it down. About 5-6 weeks ago I was averaging around -10, then -8, and now I've done my very best on an RC section at -5. I'd suggest doing sections untimed and breaking it all down. Like really actually consider the various perspectives, viewpoints, main points, and arguments. Take time to consider all of that and most importantly practice! Eventually, you become accustomed to the questions you're seeing. Lastly, I'd suggest leisurely reading. I've been going to apple news whenever I have free time and just read articles I was interested in. This has definitely increased my speed and comprehension.

  • saraiglazesaraiglaze Free Trial Member
    13 karma

    As for getting into the 160s its taken me about 5 months now with on and off full-time studying. My saving grace has been LG which I picked up rather quickly. RC and LR have been quite the struggle but again I suggest breaking down the concepts to the basics then working up to timing yourself.

    Best of luck!

  • edited November 2020 256 karma

    Do LGs everyday. 1-2 games a day up to PT 60

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