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Where to Take the Lsat Flex

Does anyone have any recommendations on good hotels to take the LSAT flex in LA and/or Vegas that are affordable and not noisy?


  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
    edited September 2020 225 karma

    Make sure you don't overlook how good the wifi situation is at whatever hotels you investigate. I would ask the hotel if they have good enough WiFi to support business video conferencing.

  • prepedonlineprepedonline Free Trial Member
    25 karma

    LSAT-Flex tests are often taken on either laptop or personal computer with a Windows or Mac OS . the precise requirements are going to be available to you thru your LSAC registration and your ProctorU account and before take Lsat make sure your system shoud have a pepper internet connection. who can respond fast.

  • TheQueenTheQueen Member
    87 karma

    If you're coming to Vegas don't be seduced by the cheap rates on the strip right now. It's a mess down there and wifi will be expensive and unreliable at the casinos. I would go for a standard chain hotel in Henderson or Enterprise. Summerlin will be fine too but likely more expensive.

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