For PT3.S2.12 I don't get the math

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So, I've already gone through equations on powerscore and manhattan prep.

Let's say Ppp was $100 20 years ago, and now $10
while tpp was $8 20 years ago, and now $11(as it doesn't say how much it had increased)

20 yrs ago, tpp was way cheaper than Ppp and it was more than10 times of tpp.
Still, currently Ppps offer a less expensive approach than tpp.

So my question would be, not knowing the increase rate of TPP, why do we have to assume that TPP*10 > Ppp 20 years ago?



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    The fact that we do not know the increase in the cost of traditional plants is why this argument needs AC D. If we know that TPP is less than 20x the cost of traditional plants 20 years ago, we know have a basis for comparing the two (you can plug in any increase in traditional plant cost and the calculation works). Even if traditional plants increased to $10,000, if the photo plants were less than 20x the cost 20 yrs ago (say 10x; or $100,000) and have since decreased to a value 1/10 of that ($10,000), the costs are now equal ($10,000 = $10,000). However, we know that the traditional plant cost is increasing, meaning we are comparing a value that is over $10,000 (whether by a little or a lot) to the current photo plant cost of $10,000. So, regardless of the numbers you use, so long as we know D is true the argument that photo plants are less expensive works.

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