Improving LR Feels a Bit Like Whack-a-mole

LR used to be my strongest section but because LG and RC have improved so much LR now seems to be what is holding me back from the mid-170s and looking for some advice.

My hypothesis is that it is because I have not taken that many actual PTs (14 in total over the course of 7 months of full time studying with a lot of those in the past couple of months. (That being said, I have seen a TON of LR material: EVERY SINGLE LR question from PT 6-36; 72-81 (used as individual sections) and then my 14 PTs on top of that).

Overall I think this was a really good strategy because it gave me a good foundation in the basics but what I seem to struggle with is that there always seems to be a new cookie cutter or trick or flaw that I wasn't quite familiar with such that I could not get it right under timed conditions. When I do a new section; my average for an LR section is -2.5 but the variance is what worries me; sometimes I'll go -1, other times I'll go -4.

Whenever I don't understand a question under timed conditions, I print it out, rip apart the logic of the stimulus, write out why each AC is incorrect and why the correct AC is in fact correct and if it is a new logical form that I am unfamiliar with I have a whiteboard next to my desk that I right down the logical form on so that I am looking at it all day; I also put particularly interesting questions into playlists and study the logic of the question from time-to-time. All to say, I think I am doing all of the right things but progress in decreasing the variance has been slower than what I would have hoped.

Any feedback or advice from others who might have had this problem before?

(Side note - I have also worked on timing strategies as well and think I have something that works for me so I don't know if that is the problem either)


  • ConstantineConstantine Member
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    If you haven't done BR via video chat then you should.
    After I b.reviewed one LR section via video chat, which took two days, my understanding of the test has improved more than for a month of previous work, and accordingly score.

  • ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
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    @Constantine - What do you mean a BR via video chat?

  • BigJay20BigJay20 Member
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    @"ahnendc-1" said:
    @Constantine - What do you mean a BR via video chat?

    Let me know when you find out. I think he probably means zoom explanation with other test takers and explaining your mindset attacking the questions. I'm looking for study buddies,myself. I'm scoring mid-160s.

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