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PT9 S2 Q9

sydney59sydney59 Monthly Member

I understand the conclusion is saying that the airlines should remove seats that impede the exit because many fatalities are due to the cabin design of the seats. Here is my issue, many = some.. so when I look at it this way maybe 1 collision is like this so maybe it is something else.. so if you know it isn't the seat belts then that would strengthen. I had A then changed it to E in my BR because of this.



  • GoingtolawschoolGoingtolawschool Alum Member
    184 karma

    You're right in noticing that many= some. However, for a most strongly supported question, we know that we want an answer that would support the theory that removing the seats would actually help in reducing the fatalities. That is why I think A is the correct answer because it gives you an example of a similar situation where number of deaths was reduced because patrons were able to escape.
    I hope this helps!

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