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Sending study abroad transcript question

Hi all,

Do I need to send in my study abroad transcript if 1) it was only for one semester and 2) I didn't receive credit for the grades I got from that semester?


  • ColdBrew180ColdBrew180 Alum Member
    edited October 2020 156 karma

    Assuming you graduated from US or Canadian school. If so, LSAC specifically says not to send a transcript if the coursework was less than a year (less than 24ish credits). Copied below from their website:

    "Do NOT have a transcript sent from an international institution IF your bachelor’s degree is from a U.S., U.S. territory/associated state, or Canadian school, and

    the total amount of work you completed at all international institutions combined is equal to or less than the equivalent of one year of undergraduate study in the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada"

  • dazedandconfused-1dazedandconfused-1 Alum Member
    258 karma

    Perfect! That's what I thought too, but I somehow found myself second-guessing haha. thanks for the reaffirmation.

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