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Lelius93Lelius93 Monthly Member
in General 84 karma

What LR question types is the Intro to Logic “LAWGIC” section most useful for/when to know when to use it? I understand that it is highly useful for LG’s.


  • sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
    936 karma

    It is very helpful for must be true questions when you have multiple conditional statements that you can chain together.

  • dazedandconfused-1dazedandconfused-1 Alum Member
    258 karma

    second @sheridjw - i think learning "lawgic" is not so much an improvement in your reading comprehension but much more so an improvement in reducing the time you spend on a question. If you didn't know how to chain conditionals and you see a barrage of "if this then that and if that then this but unless this but if and only if X goes to Y except for Z" and then the question asks you to find what must be true, knowing "lawgic" would help you reduce the time it takes for you to find the valid inference

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