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Is it bad that my PT scores keep fluctuating?

An_SkywalkerAn_Skywalker Alum Member
in General 160 karma

I'm taking the October Flex, so I've been doing simulated Flex PTs every day for the last month or so. But my recent PT scores have been fluctuating a lot and that is kind of freaking me out a bit. My last six PTs (from 76-80) have the following scores: 167,173,165,163,169,164. Granted, some days I might be more in the zone than others, but all this fluctuation is making me really unsure how well I'll handle the actual October test, which is just a couple of days away.
Has anyone else also experienced this kind of fluctuation in their PTs? And what should I do to calm myself/improve my chances in these last few days before the test? Ah man all this uncertainty is really getting on my nerves.


  • hopefullinghopefulling Alum Member
    edited October 2020 905 karma

    Are your BR scores consistent, though? (As that is an indicator of how well you know the material, just not necessarily how well you can perform under the timed pressure - as the timed score is) If your BR score is a consistent +/- one point range, then likely it's more of the selection of questions on that particular test as opposed to how well you are working with the material.

  • An_SkywalkerAn_Skywalker Alum Member
    160 karma

    @hopefulling my BR scores have been about 2-5 points higher on average for each PT. I do BR a bit differently: I only look at questions I've flagged during the exam, and therefore on days I'm not doing so well a lot of the questions I got wrong were LR and LG questions that I simply just missed (due to misreading, going too fast, etc) that I didn't even flag to begin with.

  • dazedandconfused-1dazedandconfused-1 Alum Member
    258 karma

    I actually don't think your scores are that inconsistent - it seems like you're at a high 160s range. the 173 and the 163-4 definitely balance each other out. I think if you go into the October Flex with the mindset that your true skill is at a high 160s, I feel like that will definitely give you a peace of mind. Best of luck!

  • An_SkywalkerAn_Skywalker Alum Member
    160 karma

    @dazedandconfused-1 i guess i also knew that deep down. i just needed someone else to tell me the same thing...thanks!

  • T14plssssT14plssss Alum Member
    134 karma

    I'm having the same sort of fluctuation 161-171 range!

  • hopefullinghopefulling Alum Member
    edited October 2020 905 karma

    Agree totally with @dazedandconfused-1 , you have some great PT scores and "hope for the 70s best, but mentally prepare for a mid-high-60s" Good luck!!!
    I know the PTs in the 80s start to get harder with LR wording (trying to be trickier with logic?? Don't really know), but otherwise maybe even just a 'bad day' when the score dips. ??? I know when I've taken a PT when they're mowing or it's noisy, that I don't perform as well as when I can concentrate 100%. Same when I took 4 PTs/week (my score started receding in a similar wave!! I'm someone who needed more 'breathing space' to analyze my wrong answers). But, we're all so different in how we learn/work/process, so I have no idea!! :smile:

  • ben.schlossben.schloss Monthly Member
    9 karma

    @ashen03 a few things - Flex is much more variable so those jumps don't shock me. That being said, it probably is a sign you just aren't 100% comfortable with all the traps or problem types the test may throw at you yet. If you have a few days until you take it, I'd write down your main lessons and main mistakes your making, and then otherwise, just rest. It'll give your brain a chance to line out some of what you're doing right/wrong each test, and then give it another chance to process it. Best of luck.

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