LSAT is tomorrow... practice has been really not good the past few days - help?

ronswansonronswanson Member
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I took the weekend off in hopes of feeling refreshed, but Friday and today have felt like I've forgotten everything I've learned! Has anybody else experienced this or have any words of advice for tomorrow?


  • LogicianLogician Alum Member Sage
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    probably not the ideal lead up towards test day you were hoping for, but such is life. Try to take it easy and trust in your knowledge/ability. Having a couple of bad scores means nothing if you've already proven to yourself you have the capability of doing well on this test. Rest up and focus on executing your strategies come test day.

    good luck, you got this!

  • Jack shephardJack shephard Core Member
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    you got this don't be so hard on yourself

  • ronswansonronswanson Member
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    Thanks @"Jack shephard" and @Logician !! Seems small but your words matter! :)

  • jknarf513jknarf513 Member
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    I also had a few days of unusually bad practicing before test day. Just tried to do things that would bring my confidence back up, and tried to have the most positive self talk possible. I ended up just quitting studying about 2 days before because I felt like burnout could be the source of the bad performance. Fingers crossed I did fine on test day. You'll do great!!!

  • kayashleykayashley Core Member
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    This happened to me right before when I took the August Flex, and I got the lowest score on a PT I had ever gotten. At the time I panicked, but after seeing my score, I think it was a sign I wasn't trusting my gut and the practice I had put in.

  • howdoichangemyavatarhowdoichangemyavatar Free Trial Member
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    I would pick out a few easy questions from old PTs. (maybe a logic game, 3 or 4 LR questions and an easy reading comp passage). I would do that a few hours before my test as a warm up and a confidence boost.
    For tonight just do something relaxing and try to take your mind off of it. Watch a favorite movie and crack open a cold one.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
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    You can do this. Don't stress out (I am sure this makes me a hypocrite) and have confidence. Your PTs as a whole show your potential far more than a day or two of bad PTs. A lot of people advise not evaluating yourself with a score at all the final week, because it rarely goes well. Your anxiety is already high and you do not have the benefit of the test day focus intensity. Then you feel like you are falling apart and everything is going bad. Not the case. Your months of preparation show your ability to succeed in law school and on the LSAT more than a stressed out practice session. Know that you have already proven what you can do, you got this, just polish off a bit of rust and go over mistakes from past PTs or take some easy layup questions to keep you fresh. I forget who said it or the wording, but worrying about something only means you have to endure it twice. Or, in this case, every day before the exam. Throw that aside, do whatever you need to center yourself and focus your confidence, and just win. No need for more PTs, but make sure that you have banished these days of stress before you take the exam.

    I also, after the way I panicked after my PT last Saturday, am a bit of a hypocrite. The upshot was, after BRing, that I actually scored right at my average. A fraction of a point over in fact. While it was the hardest PT I have ever taken and I spent the rest of the day before BRing horribly depressed and putting way too much pressure on myself, I think it was a bit of a blessing. We are terrible evaluators of our own performance sometimes, no point stressing. Even if you have an unscored PT today and feel it was awful or if you feel your exam was awful the odds are you still scored around your average. You have done the hard work to get where you are, stressing over the next few days is like getting carsick after arriving at your destination. You are here, you made it through all the late nights or early mornings pouring over test questions and explanations. Congrats, you did it. Now go out and show that test who is boss. It is certainly an easier thing than all the prep and effort along the way.

  • ronswansonronswanson Member
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    hey @VerdantZephyr @howdoichangemyavatar, thanks so much! took your advice and today felt really solid. you guys rock.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
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    @amccain1 you're very welcome. Congrats on finishing your test. I'm feeling ready to do the same. Thursday was too far away.

  • ronswansonronswanson Member
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    @VerdantZephyr thanks. best of luck to you and be sure to take your own (good) advice! ;)

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