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Jan 2021 test takers?

iamtryingiamtrying Monthly Member

Looking for accountability partner/s!!



  • mchanghainesmchanghaines Alum Member
    76 karma

    Hi! I am planning Jan!

  • iamtryingiamtrying Monthly Member
    56 karma

    @mchanghaines love it!! how are you doing with your study schedule?

  • marleighmarleigh Alum Member
    49 karma

    Hii I'm planning January tooo! So far I've been hit or miss with my study schedule, It's rough with the scheduler on this tool, as I have a full time job as well and can't dedicate 40+ hours a week. I'm trying to do about 2 hours every other day.

    It would be nice to have an accountability/study buddy.

  • iamtryingiamtrying Monthly Member
    56 karma

    @mchanghaines lets be study buddies!! i've been putting in 4 hours a day!! I know how hard it can be, i was working 40+ and doing full time as an undergrad!

  • mosub24mosub24 Alum Member
    25 karma

    I would love to jump in to this!! I work full time as well and try to spend every moment im not working studying lol

  • fullstopfullstop Alum Member
    169 karma

    planning to take it in jan. finished CC about 2 months ago, since then its been drills and occasional visits back to JY's videos for conceptual refreshers. planning to start PTing twice a week from now on.

  • LivinLaVidaLSATLivinLaVidaLSAT Alum Member
    416 karma

    @mfarlow I work full time too and study when I can. Let me know if you're still looking for a study buddy.

    @iamtrying If a group has been created for this thread. Please add me.

  • bazziabazzia Monthly Member
    51 karma

    Hey I am taking the LSAT in Jan as well. My study schedule has been very shaky and would appreciate some accountability. I am always open for studying. Please let me know if a group has been created!

  • audeamus300audeamus300 Alum Member
    226 karma

    Hey! I'm also taking Jan LSAT. I'm interested as well!

  • RivertownpointRivertownpoint Alum Member
    46 karma

    count me in! I am also working FT and plan on taking in Jan.

  • dcmark07dcmark07 Monthly Member
    48 karma

    I'm also taking the test in Jan, full time student here so I would love accountability.

  • taylorthehopefultaylorthehopeful Monthly Member
    69 karma

    I'm taking Jan 2021!

  • amashhour95amashhour95 Alum Member
    23 karma

    Also taking in January, working full-time. This will be my second time taking it. Anyone on here, would love an accountability partner.

  • imanLSATimanLSAT Alum Member
    7 karma

    I'm taking it in Jan too for the first time!

  • Katherine1998Katherine1998 Alum Member
    42 karma

    Hi I will take it in Jan for the second time! The one in Nov will be my first LSAT :)

  • dpenadpena Alum Member
    103 karma

    Hey team! I'd love to jump on this too. I am taking the Jan test also!!

  • rodneyclayton1977rodneyclayton1977 Free Trial Member
    3 karma

    I would like to join also!

  • MrkaythephilosopherMrkaythephilosopher Monthly Member
    230 karma

    Whats up Jan 2021 accountability partners, I'd like to join as well! Lets create a group chat and get this started!

  • chestnutchestnut Alum Member
    31 karma

    Please count me in!! I will take the Jan test 2021.

  • andiedaniaandiedania Monthly Member
    12 karma

    Does anyone know if the Jan test 2021 is within the law school application deadline for fall 2021?

  • sowhattt-1-1-1-1-1-1sowhattt-1-1-1-1-1-1 Alum Member
    11 karma

    Please add me if there has been a study group for Jan test! Thanks so much!!

  • sunflowercatsunflowercat Alum Member
    13 karma

    I am retaking in Jan!

  • PrayForMePrayForMe Alum Member
    32 karma

    Yes! Would love to be involved in this

  • j.flynnconnollyj.flynnconnolly Monthly Member
    56 karma

    I'm taking in January!

  • leena_kpleena_kp Alum Member
    14 karma

    Hi! I would love to join :)

  • chelsybowiechelsybowie Alum Member
    9 karma

    Hello! I am writing in January and am freaking out a bit because I was under the impression that I needed 3 months to prepare but this course (which looks incredible) says at 3 months I need to put in almost 60 hrs a week. Also working full time, and two little boys, so trying to do as much as possible everyday. Any thoughts or suggestions? Regardless would love to be part of a study group!

  • DaddyChillDaddyChill Alum Member
    32 karma

    @andiedania said:
    Does anyone know if the Jan test 2021 is within the law school application deadline for fall 2021?

    Check with your desired school admission's dates. It takes about 3 weeks for scores to be sent out after test day. Most schools I want to attend have a deadline of Feb. 15 or later. So I know I can take it a last time in Jan.

  • christian_tejerachristian_tejera Alum Member
    71 karma

    Taking Jan test too! - has any group gotten started yet? I could make one on GroupMe or through somewhere else. Really would love a group to give me that extra motivation to study

  • jax_jax97jax_jax97 Monthly Member
    18 karma

    Taking my first one in November and again in January!! I am just stressed that I might not have enough time to apply for Fall 2021! Rolling applications are scaring me lol

  • RivertownpointRivertownpoint Alum Member
    46 karma

    @cbran052 please make one. lol i do not think anything has been started yet.

  • RA-1RA-1 Monthly Member
    55 karma

    I would love to join a study group! :smile:

  • iamtryingiamtrying Monthly Member
    56 karma

    so sorry everyone!! it has been a hectic week, but messaged @cbran052 and believe he can start the chat!! what is easiest for everyone!!!

  • moddie20moddie20 Alum Member
    11 karma

    Hey everyone! I'm taking the test in January too. Like many of you, I work full time and have other responsibilities. The schedule is giving me 60 hours a week, which is impossible honestly, but I'm gonna do my best.

  • helmholtz99helmholtz99 Monthly Member
    71 karma

    Hi I'd love to join as well.

  • christian_tejerachristian_tejera Alum Member
    71 karma

    Alright guys I went ahead and started a GroupMe - if there's a more preferred option, let me know

  • alejandrosalasvalejandrosalasv Monthly Member
    4 karma

    Hello! I would love to join the group.

  • marleighmarleigh Alum Member
    49 karma

    @cbran052 said:
    Alright guys I went ahead and started a GroupMe - if there's a more preferred option, let me know

    I keep getting an error when I try to validate my phone number :( I'll keep trying!

  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
    1470 karma

    Does anyone know when they will announce that it's flex/do we think that it will be?

  • skyler_Rae_everydayskyler_Rae_everyday Alum Member
    51 karma

    @emmorens I e-mailed LSAC last week about it. They have not responded yet. I am eager to know too. If they do respond I will let you know.

  • TazuzazTazuzaz Monthly Member
    13 karma

    I'm January 2021! I finished the curriculum a week ago and have to start PTing. It is such an overwhelming task to work 5+ hours on the test then blind review. I def need motivation and accountability. Please let me know if there's a group started. I'd love to join!

  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
    1470 karma

    @sky.r.long845 thanks so much! I'm sure it will be (fingers crossed) I can't see in person LSATS happening until the spring at the earliest, seeing as they would have to book the centre's for hundreds of students and try to follow safety protocols during check-in etc.

  • Jennifer 2021-1-1Jennifer 2021-1-1 Monthly Member
    204 karma

    Taking January 2021. I am in NYC

  • James RubidgeJames Rubidge Alum Member
    2 karma

    Shooting for Jan 2021. From CT

  • booksandcoffeebooksandcoffee Monthly Member
    107 karma

    Is everybody taking it in january applying this cycle?

  • Student1015Student1015 Alum Member
    77 karma

    Is it too late to apply to this cycle if I am taking the January LSAT? Please help!

  • ColoradoJDColoradoJD Alum Member
    28 karma

    I'm interested as well

  • helmholtz99helmholtz99 Monthly Member
    71 karma

    Unless my score goes up 6/7 pts I'll have to wait until year to apply. But in principle it's not too late. Depends on the caliber of the school and if it's a reach for you.

  • ___AZ______AZ___ Alum Member
    87 karma

    I’m in! I would like to study with someone. I’m going through entire curriculum right now but and only at the begging stages but would like to study with someone and keep each other in check and accountable for achieving the success together !

  • sushilover930sushilover930 Monthly Member
    75 karma

    Planning to retake it in January too! :)

  • Juris_Q11Juris_Q11 Alum Member
    80 karma

    Same! Kinda was hoping it wasn't Flex

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