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Adapting to Flex

stmj3467stmj3467 Alum Member
in General 73 karma

Hi, I just took my first digital (FLEX version) PT and had a big big mental breakdown from the beginning. The format was not something that I was expecting tbh. Especially for RC, I couldn't even see the passage at once and had to scroll if I wanted to refer back when solving a question. Do you have any tips on getting familiar with the flex tests?


  • elena-levelena-lev Alum Member
    93 karma

    Sounds pretty straightforward, but keep taking them! I found that doing practice problems on the 7Sage interface rather than in a book allowed me to get used to the online format. Take as many problem sets and practice tests as you can!

    Also a quick note, on the actual LSAT if the question is referring to a particular line(s), those lines will be highlighted so you can find them easily. You've got this!! Give yourself some time.

  • helmholtz99helmholtz99 Monthly Member
    71 karma

    @stmj3467 I had the same experience, really freaked me out. Having to click around to get back to your previous LG answers. And what really made me furious was the fact that even the default answers shown when you come to a new question on LR are B, C, D, E, and you usually have to actively scroll up to see A. So if you forget you're screwed. This seems just objectively much harder than paper.

  • stmj3467stmj3467 Alum Member
    73 karma

    @elena-lev I was about to resort back to the paper PTs, but thankfully, using the digital version felt much better after doing BR and another drilling. Still really uncomfortable looking into screen for so long but hopefully, it will get better!

  • stmj3467stmj3467 Alum Member
    73 karma

    @helmholtz99 not being able to see all the options at once is so stressful...also not being able to scribble next to it as well haha I guess shortened tests came with some disadvantages! but we got this :)

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