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[Ended] Free Tutoring Session: Necessary Assumptions, Sun. 10/18 at 6pm EDT



  • AAR 1292AAR 1292 Alum Member
    47 karma

    I'd like to be there as well, if I can. Thanks!

  • Kara BearKara Bear Monthly Member
    8 karma

    Count me in!! Thanks so much!

  • gtsang24gtsang24 Alum Member
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  • George MGeorge M Alum Member
    56 karma

    I will be joining too.

  • joyfullatimah-1joyfullatimah-1 Monthly Member
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  • rachel88rachel88 Monthly Member
    3 karma

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Logical_PandaLogical_Panda Monthly Member
    96 karma

    Thank you for this!

  • chaplin___chaplin___ Monthly Member
    570 karma

    I'm interested! thank you!

  • Chris NguyenChris Nguyen Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    edited October 2020 4101 karma

    Hey everyone!

    A few things I want to mention so we can all get the most out of this session:

    1) Please refrain from looking at the correct answer choices when we are going through problems. It is to your benefit to be unaware what the correct answer choice is during the learning process.

    2) Please make sure your microphone is on mute during the session, unless you are the person volunteering to help answer a question.

    3) I will be asking for volunteers throughout the session. If you would like to volunteer, please type it in the chat box.

    4) The session will last two hours, and will end at 8pm EDT.

    5) If you learned something helpful here, all I ask for payment is that you share the knowledge with others that could be struggling. After all, we rise by lifting others up. :smile:

    Let me know if ya'll have any questions. Looking forward to tonight! Hope to see you there.

  • Chris NguyenChris Nguyen Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    4101 karma

    We are starting in one minute!

  • ineedbrunchineedbrunch Alum Member
    92 karma

    Oh man, I wish I saw this post sooner!

  • Chris NguyenChris Nguyen Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    4101 karma

    @"Instructor Not JY" there will be another one this week! I will post about it soon!

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