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harriet.palmerharriet.palmer Alum Member
in General 162 karma

I was recently approved for 1.5x time on the November LSAT-FLEX. A PDF official letter of approval was posted on my account and emailed to me. I'm wondering if I need to print this out and show the proctor on exam day or if I need to do anything further to make sure I get my accommodations on test day?
I also will need to take my medication half way through the exam (small pill) and I'm wondering if this will be an issue while taking the LSAT-FLEX? I know there's a strict rule about having things on your desk. I've emailed LSAC but no response.
Thank you!


  • KHansenAnneKHansenAnne Alum Member
    52 karma

    I would give them a call, that is the clearest way I have received information from them regarding FLEX.

  • rbrevillerbreville Alum Member
    67 karma

    Check your email in the upcoming days before the test. The proctors will call you; if not email you to confirm that you will attend the test (Prior to flex- paper LSAT). During LSAT Flex, the proctor will confirm the timing as a whole. So in our case, he/she would say"You have 159 mins to complete the test", in stead of 53 mins per section. If he or she says 105 mins, you will have time to ask them if your accommodation has been included. Keep it handy

  • EmmmmmzEmmmmmz Monthly Member
    72 karma

    Does anyone know how scheduling works for accommodated testers? Can we sign-up for any of the dates and times or are there limitations as to what day and time one can take the test do to time accommodations?

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    You will sign up for testing the same as anyone else, though there may be fewer time slots for you since they will need to block out a longer time. I would not worry too much about it if you are testing in the USA. You accommodations should automatically be applied to your test, though I suppose printing the letter out and keeping it with you is probably a good idea. I have no idea about the medication. You should definitely call LSAC about it. Be prepared for a long wait on hold.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    Also, I would think that you could arrange your test time so that you did not need to take the medication mid test, provided you do not need to take it 6+ times a day.

  • leahdosalleahdosal Alum Member
    16 karma

    I had 1.5x time and I scheduled as normal, and no one reached out to me prior to taking the test. I confirmed the amount of time I had for each section with the proctor before starting just to be safe!

  • makena_808makena_808 Alum Member
    93 karma

    I took the October test with 1.5x and scheduled as normal. I also confirmed with the proctor right before starting the exam on the day of & did not reach out in the days leading up to my exam.

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
    2042 karma

    I sent an email regarding the August Flex and it took a literal month for a unhelpful reply to be sent back. So if you have questions I would highly recommend calling, though be prepared for a solid 30 minute+ wait time.
    LSAT accommodations are very explicit. If you were approved to take medication during the test you can have your pill bottle on the table and can take your medication but otherwise you can not. I hid a couple of Advil out of sight in case of a headache and quickly took them during the 1 minute break between sections but if you are going to do something own that be discreet.
    As far as being accommodated you do not need to have anything printed out. I would recommend confirming your accommodations with the proctor right before the test begins. You should have no problem scheduling but likely won’t see as many open spots so make sure you register early.

  • harriet.palmerharriet.palmer Alum Member
    162 karma

    Thanks so much guys!!

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