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If your transcript is "complicated", you should calculate your GPA to compare to LSAC's

CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
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I had lots of transfer credit from multiple universities and multiple community colleges. These were not the problem in and of themselves, but I feel they muddied the waters to allow for the actual problem to happen.

I had two F's for remedial algebra coursework from not withdrawing. These remedial courses were not supposed to be calculated but they were. I called for them them to recalculate and my gpa it is now no longer in the 2's. I just thought I would throw this out there. They are humans calculating this stuff and are prone to errors like anything else. Good luck out there.


  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
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    Can you give details on how you went about this process? Thanks!

  • dlitt314dlitt314 Core Member
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    because they were remedial? interesting.

  • CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
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    @"david.littlepage" said:
    because they were remedial? interesting.

    Yes, because they were not counted in my undergraduate gpa and considered non-punitive. I combined this information with what I found in LSAC's Academic Summary Report Key. Many variations of W's may or may not be considered punitive by LSAC, some of them depend on whether your school considers them punitive.

    @alexisamccafferty I just called and said and said my gpa is wrong and it needs to be recalculated. I told them what I thought was the issue. It took a couple of weeks but they got back to me and explained the corrections. I am not done with them yet, because I believe they are still counting two WN's as F's, which my school does not consider punitive. According to LSAC's Academic Summary Report Key, these should not be calculated in my GPA.

    I would calculate and see what you think* you should have. Then try and calculate what LSAC thinks* you should have. If their is a discrepancy, call and tell them.

    Had I put this type of effort into my undergraduate coursework, I would not be in this position.
    Good luck!

  • CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
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    @alexisamccafferty More detail I forgot to add.

    (To see if you even have anything like this) Go to your Academic Summary Report on your LSAC account. Scroll down to the section on the left that shows your grades earned by gpa rank. The category you'll look for is 0.49 & Down F Hours Earned. Check your transcript. If that category doesn't equal what you think it should equal, then that is your problem. (It shows the grades by year)

    For instance, mine showed 3 3 6 3 6 for F's total of 21 hours of F's. I should have only had 15. The 3 3 at the beginning were my remedial algebra courses. The rest are F's that are correctly included.

  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
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    Thank you for all of this!! I will be sure to check mine out. I'm working with a 3.2 GPA so any discrepancy on their part could be definitely be harmful. Thanks again and good luck!

  • edited October 2020 7 karma

    Thank you!

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