Need advice -- My Recommender is dragging his feet

Any advice for what to say to a recommender who is dragging his feet? One of my college profs still hasn't submitted my LOR, even though I reached out in early August and asked for my letter by the end of October. Getting really nervous because I would love to submit my apps Nov 1 -- anyone else in this situation? :(


  • sallesvc14sallesvc14 Core Member
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    If possible ask from another person just in case!

  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
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    Have you followed up at all? Have you sent him resume, personal statement, etc to guide the LOR process? If you've done all of these things and he's still ignoring you, I would just go with someone else. At that point he may not be super enthusiastic about it which means you aren't getting the best LOR you could

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    @luckyPenny85 There is a feature within the LSAC where you can "resend" the automated email from LSAC to your recommender. I did this to one of my recommenders who had probably forgotten and they submitted within 24 hours afterwards.

    If you're nervous about asking them (again) about getting it done, maybe this could be a "soft" reminder since it will be from LSAC and not you. Food for thought.

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    I'm sorry you're going through this. This seems to be fairly common, unfortunately. I actually had 2 recommenders "ghost" me. I did find new recommenders which responded very quickly. You might want to go ahead and reach out to someone new ASAP, just in case this original recommender doesn't respond.

    If you haven't already, go ahead and e-mail him a "gentle nudging" saying something like "Hi Professor, I'm sure it has been a busy semester so far but I wanted to check in if you were still able to write me a recommendation by the end of this month? I was hoping to send in my applications within a few weeks." Just be kind and recognize he may be very busy and/or may have forgotten.

    But cover yourself and think about getting a LOR from someone else, too!

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