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7sage Community, you are amazing

Khushi_379Khushi_379 Legacy Member
in General 65 karma

I am writing the LSAT in November and I just want to say how amazing the 7sage community is. I'm constantly blown away with how much encouragement, support and mutual respect for each other's well being there is on this website. I feel so much more at ease seeing what other 7sagers have to say about their LSAT/applications/overall journey to Law school. What an awesome thing to be a part of. Seriously.


  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    2054 karma

    @Khushy_33 Absolutely agree. It is the community that sets 7Sage apart as much as the features. Wonderful community, which is attested to by how many people continue to provide advice and insight years after they gain admittance to law school.

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    815 karma

    While I agree that the community is probably one of the most respectful. It does get annoying when you see the same questions posed. After a few years, I've noticed a great deal of babying that happens on 7Sage. People expect to get spoon fed answers to questions that have been asked time and time again, with a simple thread search and/or google search, their questions would be answered. Many times, they even answer their own questions in their original post. It seems to me, these people need some type of positive reinforcement and/or confirmation.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    7sage is the best! :)

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