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Closed: Forming a small study group for January 2021!

lizzogonzolizzogonzo Alum Member
edited November 2020 in Study Groups 628 karma

Nov 17 Update: We still have 1-2 spots open for our group! So far our sessions have been really great so please reach out if you're interested, have similar goals, and are available to BR PTs on Mondays and Tuesdays, 6-9PM ET.

Hello 7sage community! A couple of us are trying to form a small and serious study group for the January 2021 flex exam. Looking for 2-3 more people available 6-9PM ET on Mondays and Tuesdays to so that we can keep each other accountable, stay consistent, and also have fun so that we can conquer this beast together.

My study timeline is to go through PTs 80-89 from now until the January date in chronological order. That is mostly 1 PT per week and we can increase it to 2 PTs per week as it comes closer to the exam. We'll BR together and help teach each other the material and fill in each other's weak spots. My goal score is the 90th percentile (~165); I'm pretty much average across each section (missing roughly -5 to -8 in all 3 sections but I do best in LG). Given that we are also studying through the holidays, I've also scheduled in breaks because I think it's so so important to be able to let the material digest and to recuperate!

We will be communicating on Discord because it's easy and has a voice chat feature for groups where we can talk together. Discord is multi-faceted and we can have various channels for different topics, so I hope this study group can also be a place where we can really foster a community rather than just talking about the test 24/7 like let's send each other pictures of our pets or the food you're eating or whatever Netflix show you're binging haha. (OR memes. Because memes.)

I am definitely not great at taking standardized tests (I never have been lol) and hope that this study group makes people feel less alone in the struggle to conquer LSAT. If you feel like you have similar goals and commitments to what I described please shoot me a message or comment below, thank you!!


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