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Help! Think i messed up LSAT Writing !

cpeaks13cpeaks13 Core Member
in General 495 karma

When i finished my essay and got the end where you have the option to close the screen and preview my essay all i saw was a close button. So i could out of the page i didnt have to do anything else or sign anything, but i thought you do have to do that. Is this correct!? On the lsac website it just same exam initiated, not completed or anything. Does that not change until its approved??
Stressing out, if anyone has the answers it would be very much appreciated!!


  • rb1010scmrb1010scm Member
    70 karma

    mine says the same?

  • PurpleElephantPurpleElephant Alum Member
    44 karma

    that sounds correct - mine also said the same thing until it was processed, so I wouldn't worry! I dont think I had to sign anything when done, just left the page.

  • cpeaks13cpeaks13 Core Member
    495 karma

    Update: Its all good and says pending now, i think im just hyper stressed right now in general and freaking out about pretty much everything. D'oh

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