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November 10 LSAT

BarbaraDBarbaraD Member
edited November 2020 in November 2020 LSAT 90 karma

Anyone taking the LSAT on November 10th?


  • cmoren21cmoren21 Member
    217 karma


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8198 karma

    Im scheduled to. Still undecided about pushing it back or not.

  • cpeaks13cpeaks13 Core Member
    495 karma

    I am..not feeling prepared at all though!

  • alexmahmoudalexmahmoud Core Member
    89 karma

    meeeeeeee. on the 11th though :tired_face:

  • RosenvibesRosenvibes Member
    64 karma

    Me. Good LUCK all! I think i may take it again in January. Plan to give it my all in prepping the next few days.

  • nicolasnudlernicolasnudler Core Member
    24 karma

    Anyone have any advice for reading comprehension? I have everything else down just missing that little piece

  • BarbaraDBarbaraD Member
    90 karma

    @nicolasnudler pray lol!

  • nicolasnudlernicolasnudler Core Member
    24 karma

    @BarbaraD said:
    @nicolasnudler pray lol!

    lmao i guess all I can do

  • lilpinglinglilpingling Member
    638 karma

    Me! I feel like my knowledge is about as good as it's going to get, but I'm struggling massively with time. I'm burnt out and I haven't slept in days. For some reason, I decided it would be an awesome idea to schedule the test during a time of major political unrest, on the anniversary of a catastrophic loss. And just for good measure, I decided not to request extra time even though I clearly qualify. I'm fine. This is fine. Everything's fine.

  • qs2159qs2159 Member
    342 karma

    Me! Good luck with everyone on test tomorrow!

  • Angela KimAngela Kim Member
    98 karma

    Best of luck everyone! Don't stress and do your best :)

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