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Cancel if I bombed LG?

So I recently took the November-Flex test, and while I think I did okay on LR and RC, I completely bombed Logic Games. I normally finish the section and get around -3. This time, though, I was able to do only two games and completely guessed on the other two games. I've been hoping for 165+ to a 170 score, and I can retake in January, so I was wondering if it's smart to just cancel this score. Please LMK what you think. Thank you!


  • jennli182jennli182 Core Member
    11 karma

    That's exactly what I'm going through. I literally bawled right after the proctor ended the exam. If this is your first time, I would wait until the score comes back to cancel. that's what i'm planning on doing!

  • chanyoungleechanyounglee Member
    95 karma

    @jennli182 Ah I should note that this was my 2nd try, so I don't have the score preview option. Ahaha.

  • LogicbaeeeLogicbaeee Member
    92 karma

    If you feel like you bombed FOR SURE and you don't want it on your record, I'd say it's okay to cancel. As long as you don't have another cancellation on your record later on. I've read a bunch that admission see it as okay to have a cancellation because they understand we are human, get nervous and sometimes just have bad test days.

    I am with you both, idk what happened to me during LG. I think the nerves got the best of me and I couldn't figure out the second game completely.

  • qs2159qs2159 Member
    edited November 2020 342 karma

    If you perform decently on RC and LR I would keep the score, so you can have a score and apply before roughly half of applicants for this cycle (just my two cents). Usually I have -0 on LG but maybe not the one I had on Nov flex (I had one game about theater; games were not hard but I had a hard time to focus well). Nevertheless I think I'll keep my score and retake in Jan if needed.

  • cmoren21cmoren21 Member
    217 karma

    @chanyounglee I’m going through the same thing. I’m not sure why I found the games to be so difficult if everyone on the Official Nov Forum is saying they’re so standard. I’m pretty sure it was just a combination of my nerves and anxiety :(. @jennli182 I did the exact same. I agree with @Logicbaeee , we’re all human and although it’s hard to believe admissions officers definitely take that into consideration. If your score was good the first time or if you feel like you can do better in Jan, I’m sure this won’t affect you too much. Good luck guys!

  • lilpinglinglilpingling Member
    638 karma

    I swear you are the fourth person with this issue today (including myself). I wonder if we all got the same LG. They felt extremely time consuming. Since I haven't taken it yet, I'm waiting. Do you think your other 2 sections were good enough to override the LG? IF so, I might not cancel.

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