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Looking to tutor students (Free) in 150s and 160s

AmericanInJapanAmericanInJapan Live Member
edited November 2020 in Study Groups 40 karma

Hello everyone!

I'm a mid 170s scorer and I learn best by teaching others. I'd love to tutor people who are interested in learning as a group. These are free!! I'm using this to study!

I am on Japan time, so you might have to deal with mostly early morning (before 10am) or occasional late night. But I think I can give some benefits in exchange for the inconvenience.

Let me know if you're interested!


  • sll2185sll2185 Core Member
    9 karma

    Hey! I'm on Beijing time so I would love to do this with you!

  • lsatdiva333lsatdiva333 Member
    227 karma

    I'm in Korea, so time difference should be fine with me as well! Just to clarify - is this a free group session??

  • sakethsaran1998-1sakethsaran1998-1 Alum Member
    246 karma

    Hey. I live in India so the time difference should be alright. Id be interested!

  • OkabinatorOkabinator Member
    39 karma

    Hello im in Japan time as well and Im very interested!

  • RDAVIS1220RDAVIS1220 Alum Member
    11 karma

    Hi! I’m in the US. I’m interested.

  • LuluKingstonLuluKingston Member
    58 karma

    hello, im in canada and im interested

  • Ellen JinEllen Jin Alum Member
    28 karma

    Hi - I'm on the east coast in the US and am interested!

  • bevbanks28bevbanks28 Member
    19 karma

    Hey there! I'm on the East Coast and would be interested!

  • PFT CommenterPFT Commenter Core Member
    249 karma

    I am also interested

  • Juris_Q11Juris_Q11 Member
    80 karma

    I’m interested too please still be taking ppl! 😭

  • 45 karma

    I'm also interested!

  • powell.ayanapowell.ayana Core Member
    2 karma

    I'm definitely interested! Looking forward to hearing more!

  • Elsa2readsElsa2reads Core Member
    65 karma

    I'm in the US and I'm definitely! interested

  • josephqassis1josephqassis1 Member
    31 karma

    I am also in the US and am interested

  • nairakhalid08nairakhalid08 Member
    8 karma

    I live in the US (I'm on Pacific Standard Time) and I'm really interested in your offer!

  • feona.danielsfeona.daniels Core Member
    5 karma

    I'm in the U.S and interested in studying with you. Whenever you are available, I will be available.

  • julianaporoye27julianaporoye27 Alum Member
    196 karma

    I'm interested!

  • Bella123Bella123 Member
    13 karma

    Interested. Thanks

  • oagui023oagui023 Member
    159 karma

    Interested. (In the US)

  • FlaxseedsFlaxseeds Member
    40 karma

    I'm interested I'm in the US! Thank you

  • kvenicia14kvenicia14 Member
    42 karma

    Hello! I’m in US Central time and I’d love to be a part of this! Let’s go January test!!

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    Interested!! East Coast USA

  • ingridalex25ingridalex25 Alum Member
    33 karma

    I would love this!

  • tangerinecoketangerinecoke Free Trial Member
    37 karma

    Hello I am in London time and I am very interested! Thank you!!

  • lsat_suslsat_sus Member
    1417 karma

    Dallas time and morning time is perfect!!

  • AmericanInJapanAmericanInJapan Live Member
    40 karma

    I woke up to all of your enthusiasm for studying with me. It's made me excited and humbled.

    Since there's so many of you, maybe it'd be best to group you together by score or possibly times of the week available or both.

    If possible, please private message me your times that work best, your 5 most recent PT scores, your favorite ice cream flavor, Skype/Zoom username (please specify), and your best/worst question type. I'll try sorting you so that we don't have 20 people doing one session, but rather, we can have smaller sections so that everyone gets more of a chance to make mistakes and learn.

    If you could create a GroupMe as well, that would be awesome! Then send me your email you use for it. I have found that GroupMe works best to create groups.

    Thanks everyone!

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