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Looking to tutor students of all ranges for free

jwk291291jwk291291 Member
edited November 2020 in General 249 karma

Hi everyone!

I'm a consistent high 170's-180 scorer that is looking to expand outwards and tutor others, both as a learning experience and a way to see if I'm any good at this haha.

Although I'm not by any means an experienced teacher, I want to offer some free group sessions where I would go through sections and provide my thought process on each of the questions.

If you're looking for something more individualised, I'd love offer some (also) free individual 30-minute-ish sessions where I would try my best to identify problem sections and help you chart a way forward. If we click, maybe we can organise something more long-term!

Of the three sections, LR is where I have the most comprehensive (and possibly insightful) knowledge, so if that's a problem for you, please hit me up!

Hope you're all having a great day, and please let me know if you're interested!

(Btw, I'm in Korea, so the timezones might be a bit screwed up)


  • Ashley2018-1Ashley2018-1 Live Member
    edited November 2020 2203 karma

    I'm interested in both the group and individual lessons!

  • lsatdiva333lsatdiva333 Member
    227 karma

    Same here!! I'm also based in Korea

  • LawrealtyLawrealty Core Member
    71 karma

    I'm interested...

  • bellahyeon14bellahyeon14 Member
    258 karma

    I'm also interested!

  • Willa.HaoWilla.Hao Yearly Member
    54 karma

    same here, i am interested~please massage me if you are available, thanks.

  • outdoor26outdoor26 Member
    28 karma

    If you have any availability, I'd love to join!

  • ingridalex25ingridalex25 Alum Member
    33 karma

    I would love to join! Thank you for this.

  • DreamBig2021DreamBig2021 Member
    12 karma

    I'm very interested and would love to chat more!

  • dpenadpena Member
    103 karma

    I'm interested!

  • chaplin___chaplin___ Core Member
    591 karma

    thank you for posting this!! I'd love some help on LR and would be interested in both individual and group tutoring!

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma


  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Member
    536 karma

    I am interested.

  • XmaitrebXmaitreb Member
    35 karma


  • C.J. GheemC.J. Gheem Alum Member
    97 karma

    Interested! I am in U.S. and I can speak Both English and Korean.

  • 64 karma

    I'm interested as well.

  • Destined4GREATERDestined4GREATER Core Member
    66 karma

    I am definitely interested in both.

  • balkassoumbalkassoum Member
    8 karma

    I'm also super interested in both group and/or individual study sessions!!

  • yazminseyazminse Member
    193 karma

    im interested

  • ronald.maniece2ronald.maniece2 Core Member
    17 karma

    I'm very interested in the group and individual study sessions.

  • J7sagelsatJ7sagelsat Core Member
    4 karma

    Im interested!

  • 28 karma

    I'm interested! I've been stuck on improving my LR for a while, your insight would be really helpful!

  • emmorensemmorens Core Member
    1470 karma

    I would love a reading comp tutor!!

  • 117 karma

    I'm interested!

  • FlaxseedsFlaxseeds Member
    40 karma

    I'm interested! thank you!

  • Jim HalpertJim Halpert Core Member
    37 karma

    Hi! I'm very interested.

  • julianaporoye27julianaporoye27 Alum Member
    196 karma

    I'm interested as well!

  • OwnedbyaVoidOwnedbyaVoid Core Member
    8 karma

    Very Interested!! Taking the lsat one last time in January!!

  • kcordero815kcordero815 Member
    30 karma

    I'm interested in everything! I'm retaking the January test and I want to improve my score.

  • jamw881619jamw881619 Core Member
    42 karma

    I'm interested. Please let me know.

  • EllewoodzzzEllewoodzzz Member
    49 karma


  • scpuritzscpuritz Member
    19 karma

    interested, feel free to reach out on here!

  • VonFons12VonFons12 Alum Member
    70 karma

    I'm interested!

  • 45 karma

    Hi fellow Korean, I'm super interested!

  • patra5cgpatra5cg Member
    109 karma

    I am very interested if you still have availability!

  • iamdevikaiamdevika Member
    161 karma

    I'm interested in LR/RC!

  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
    526 karma

    I'm interested. Thanks for doing this.

  • Akansha CAkansha C Member
    25 karma

    If there is still a spot open, i'd love to be a part of this. I can truly use all the help I can get.

  • melanie.stewart84melanie.stewart84 Yearly Member
    64 karma

    I'd also love to join if there's still availability. I'll hit you up in a PM.

  • katherine-8katherine-8 Yearly Member
    19 karma

    same here! if there is some spot! :smile:

  • 6ixlawwww6ixlawwww Core Member
    45 karma

    Hi, I'm having issues with LR especially MSS. Any help would be appreciated

  • zuhalims-1zuhalims-1 Member
    25 karma

    Same here.

  • grace099grace099 Alum Member
    edited November 2020 132 karma

    Would love to join if a spot’s available

  • jwk291291jwk291291 Member
    249 karma

    Wow this got way more responses than I ever expected it would! Regardless, I think I should be able to find a way to be helpful in some way to each and every one of you.

    Please email or dm me your last 5-6 PT scores (basically your average score range), how long you've been studying, and a quick self-diagnosis of your problem sections. That could be anything from "I have struggle with NA questions" to "LR as a whole is difficult for me."

    To give a bit of a overview of my thought process, I think that if you're scoring between 145-early/mid 160s, getting a stronger grasp of your fundamentals is paramount, especially if you find LR is holding you back. For you wonderful folks, I'm planning, for now, a group session sometime next week (and hopefully more on a weekly/twice a week basis) where I'll go through my strategies for combatting what I call the "Operation" question type in LR. That includes strengthen, weaken, etc. If that sounds like it'd be helpful for you, please be sure to email or dm me!

    On the other hand, if you're consistently scoring above 170, then I think the approach to the test becomes a bit different. Also, more individualized help is likely to be more of use to you than general knowledge (which I would assume you already have at this point). For you folks, please message me in a bit more detail what troubles you're having, and we can have a quick talk discussing how I can help you 1 on 1!

    Thanks everyone for responding! And have a great rest of your day.
    My email is

  • iceeikeiceeike Member
    7 karma

    I would like to join. I’ve been studying off and on for years and haven’t made much progress. Any help would be much appreciated

  • mevuarherhemevuarherhe Member
    27 karma

    I would like to join as well

  • SinghE660SinghE660 Core Member
    34 karma

    Hi! I am interested!

  • RyanazRRyanazR Member
    208 karma

    Hi, I am interested as well!

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