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Can you full proof RC? Need advice on improving in RC

arunima.b12arunima.b12 Monthly Member

I have a few questions on the RC section
1) Is there a way to full proof the RC section?
2) If you do an RC passage and get a bunch of questions wrong, should you redo that passage again to make sure you get the answers right in the timed condition or do you just work on another passage with a similar subject? (This is after going through JY's explanation of that passage)
3) What should you do when you don't understand why an answer choice is correct, even after going through JY's explanation?
4) Is it a good use of time to work mostly on the "hardest" RC passages for practice ?
5) Are there any other resources that have been helpful to improve in RC than 7sage?


  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
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  • DefenderDefender Alum Member
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    1.) You won't be able to fool-proof a passage in the same way that you can a game. HOWEVER, there IS value in re-doing old passages. Actually, re-doing passages is where I got my timing down. I realized that I could spend MUCH MORE time in the passage, and less in the questions--a huge key to my improvement.

    2.) Just wait to re-do that passage for a while. If you re-do it right afterward, I can't imagine that helping much.

    3.) RC passages are like Op-eds. When we read them like Op-eds, it is easier to see how flawed and squishy they are. The problem is we often read RC passages like we read texts in college----taking them as authoritative. RC authors have an agenda and they are TRYING TO SELL YOU SOMETHING (an idea, a perspective of history, economic theory, etc.). Take note of highly selective language use in the passage----language that clues you in on how the author feels about whatever object or fact is in discussion.

    1. No. Easy, hard, doesn't matter. Do a timed section in full and review afterward. All questions are worth one point, right?

    2. I think so, but it might be highly individualized.

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