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lsat flex 170+

180180180180180180 Core Member
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does anyone know how many questions you can skip and still get 170+ on the flex?


  • lizzogonzolizzogonzo Member
    628 karma

    what do you mean "skip"? i am by no means in the 170s but i'd like to think they don't skip any, assuming that skipping here means don't try to answer. if you're looking for how many you can miss and still get a 170+ i do believe 7sage has estimated score conversions. depending on the curve you can only miss -10 to -12 to have a 170 score. link:

  • edited December 2020 1952 karma

    for the flex exams, i believe that the curve is around -7~10ish depending on the difficulty of the individual sections that you get (according to the lsat podcasts)
    so far, the may flex conversion chart is the only official released data that we have; the curve for the may flex was -9 for a 170.

  • rb1010scmrb1010scm Member
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    ^ I think the curve was more generous for november but I can't be sure because it hasn't been released yet. I didn't answer at least 3 LR on November and got a 172.

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