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I just broke the 170s after 4 months thanks to 7Sage!

LSAT AbleLSAT Able Member
in General 137 karma

I've been PTing in the mid-low 160s for a while.
A friend recommended 7Sage, especially for Logic Games, and I started the Core Curriculum / drilling / blind reviewing.

After 4 months of studying, I've finally broken trough the 170s!!

I got a 174 (-1 LR, -5 LG, -0 RC) and a 179 on BR.

Thanks so much to the 7Sage community and to JY!!
If you're struggling like I was, know that it gets better!!!


  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    Congrats! How did you get -0 on RC?! That section is really hit or miss for me.

  • LSAT AbleLSAT Able Member
    137 karma

    @Emily2122 it varies from PT to PT, but I think focusing on the overall point the author is making in the first read-through, along with noting the various perspectives/positions, helps a lot!

  • malemumalemu Core Member
    4 karma

    What was your diagnostic f you done mind?

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