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Passage first or Question Stem first?

Hello 7Sagers,

I have always read the question stem first. But, both the LSAT Demon and the Loophole have the opinion of never reading the question stem first. What are your opinions on this subject? Specifically for those scoring 170+, what are your opinions?


  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
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    Scoring around 160 and I hate stimulus first. My score plummeted when I tried it. Much better to know what you're reading for!

  • I have tried both and I believe stimulus first only works when you have a certain mastery of deciphering the stimulus. For example, if you are really good, you can read a stimulus and clearly see whether it is an Argument( in which case you will have to find the issue with the argument and can predict that your question will be about that) or a bunch of premises (in which case you know that the question will have to do with inferences that can be extracted from the premises). Personally for me, the better I have become at understanding the different types of questions and stimuli, the less it has mattered which approach I use. However, the question first approach hasn't failed me yet and feels "safer" so I just fall back on it.

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