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January 2021 LSAT Date/Time Selection?

Elley SmithElley Smith Alum Member

Hi, does anything know exactly when we will be able to schedule our date and time for the January LSAT on ProctorU? I know it "usually happens 10 days before" but I cannot find an exact scheduling time. Does anyone know?


  • andrewestes0795andrewestes0795 Alum Member
    27 karma

    Hi Elley! I am in the same boat as you. I believe it will be available Jan 6th usually around 9am.

  • November2021LSATNovember2021LSAT Alum Member
    edited January 2021 410 karma

    Hi @andrewestes0795, what makes you say Jan 6th, specifically? Or, are you saying the 6th is your estimate based off prior Flex scheduling?

  • serenafrankserenafrank Alum Member
    47 karma

    Hi! i believe on the website it is either the 16th or 17th! I am unsure of why we are given less days to be able to take this test, but these were the 2 dates that I was able to find on the website!

  • kc3mjkc3mj Member
    17 karma

    hi! they should be sending an email with scheduling information for proctoru (proctoring site) about 10 days before the first date of the jan. test.

    i took the nov. test (first date being 11/7) and they sent an email with scheduling instructions on 10/27. hope this helps :)

  • asdf12345asdf12345 Alum Member
    271 karma

    i haven't gotten an email either. let me know if you hear anything.

  • andrewestes0795andrewestes0795 Alum Member
    27 karma

    @January2021LSAT Hey! I said the 6th specifically based on prior registrations and from one of my advisors. Never know, unfortunately.

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