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Is it kind of mandatory to take first diagnostic test cold?

BerserkeleyBerserkeley Alum Member
edited January 2021 in General 56 karma

I just don't feel like taking it. I want to lie to myself that I have no limit by not taking cold diagnostic test.
Any opinions?


  • SRV_LawyerSRV_Lawyer Alum Member
    75 karma

    People may disagree with me but if i were to retake my diagnostic LSAT, i would study logic games for a day or two before. It gives you a boost of confidence not doing too bad on the diagnostic and just understanding how to set up LG with a day or two's work will help you substantially, in my opinion.

  • BerserkeleyBerserkeley Alum Member
    edited January 2021 56 karma

    I agree. it is a matter of confidence. I will not take the diagnostic test, but start getting into the materials

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