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Does anyone have experience peeing during the lsat flex?

PrayForMePrayForMe Member
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Strange question, I know. I was granted a 50% time accomodation and recently realized that, with 53 min per section, I'll have to be sitting about 3 hours when you include the pre-test rituals with the proctor. Now, I have tiny blatter and can barely manage more than two hours without peeing. Since I was not granted any break time, I need to figure out a way to pee. Any suggestions? Will I be allowed to have a bucket next to me duirng the test? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
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  • yoderyoder Core Member
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    I saw someone say that he had a bottle but couldn't bring himself to use it so he literally just peed in his pants.

    I also have the world's tiniest bladder so I'm planning on refraining from drinking any liquids or consuming caffeine the day of. Might allow myself like 3 small sips of water, one per section haha.

  • elle esselle ess Member
    11 karma

    I called LSAC to ask about this, and had a pretty friendly chat. The guy said he has heard proctors letting you run to the washroom if you have a few minutes left at the end of a section, or when the 1 min break starts. You will have to do a room scan and may shave a minute off your next section, but it was very helpful for me to hear that may be an option.
    My plan, if I do feel I need to go during my exam (I don't have any accommodations but I'm a nervous pee-er and have a tiny bladder) is to tell the proctor I am wearing Depends but would rather not use them, and ask if I can run for the world's quickest pee.
    That, or lady issues... lol.

  • jennyma2224jennyma2224 Member
    45 karma

    FWIW, I finished a section early on the November LSAT and asked my proctor if I could use the remaining minute to use the bathroom. She refused.

  • onomatopoeiaonomatopoeia Member
    59 karma

    Oh my word, THANK YOU for asking this.

  • Auntie2020Auntie2020 Member
    552 karma

    @jennyma2224 said:
    FWIW, I finished a section early on the November LSAT and asked my proctor if I could use the remaining minute to use the bathroom. She refused.

    woah that's rude...

    I guess we should wear adult diapers just in case.

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
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    Even with extra time, unless your accommodations specify that you have extended time between the sections and are allowed to use the bathroom, you are still not able to do so. I have taken the test and went through the entire check in process and asked to use the bathroom before starting, that is the best you can do. If you have a water during the test just take small sips and don't drink coffee beforehand. I think it is ridiculous that there have been multiple flex test admins and this is still an issue.

  • BenjaminSakaBenjaminSaka Member
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    @noonawoon said:
    I don't see why you couldn't have a bucket next to you, but you have to be in frame at all times, so bending over to grab it may disqualify your test! The best thing I can think of is to wear an adult diaper. It is unfortunate though - they should definitely allow a break in the test.

    Are you allowed to mute? I would imagine that the noise caused by using a bucket would be quite distracting! Maybe put some kind of fabric in the bucket?

  • Slow is FastSlow is Fast Alum Member
    445 karma

    Wow, I knew the LSAT/LSAC were gatekeepers.. but not to this extent. It'd be kind of funny if it didn't border on the inhumane. :/

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited January 2021 8192 karma

    Do you have extra time on breaks? I've heard of people with extra break time being allowed to use the restroom, come back and rescan the area. I don't know if that was an allowance that specific proctor made or standard for extra break time. Either way, best you can do is try to verify with proctorU with documentation you can show your proctor, then ask the proctor before you start and have a plan in case they say no.

    Aside, if you hydrate adequately in the days leading to the test, you shouldn't need a lot of water.

  • lsatlyfe-1lsatlyfe-1 Core Member
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    Took lsat under default timed condition. Didn't had to do the scan again. After I came back from the test the proctor forced me to scan the room during the RC section and took away 2-3min of my time. Would NOT recommend doing this.

  • d.h.isaisd.h.isais Member
    113 karma

    I was afraid of losing time during the scan process. So instead of asking for a bathroom break between sections, I just kept an empty bucket underneath my desk. As long as you don't miss and p!ss on the floor (which I accidentally did during a practice PT), then you should be good.

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    815 karma

    hard for me to sympathize with this. even if it's 3 hours lol... there are 3 hour lectures? 3 hour movies? i'm sure most of us sit through it the whole time. and how about before when the LSAT was 5 sections + the writing sample, people got one break in between and that was it. are people peeing in the classrooms during exams, in movie theatres, give me a god damn break. this is ridiculous. are you a baby? are you a grandpa/grandma? yes you can hold your bladder for 3 hours, comon people this has got to be a joke. if you can't, you'd already been diagnosed with some condition and surely you would have put that in your accommodations ... worst comes to worst stick a catheter up your pee hole and see how bad it feels to really not be able to hold your bladder.

  • learn2skipQslearn2skipQs Member
    730 karma

    I feel ur pain 100% I’m the bathroom queen but I drink a lot of liquid. Not drinking liquid at all 2-3 hours before helps me tho. Over hydrate the day before maybe

  • jennyma2224jennyma2224 Member
    45 karma

    @This_is_Hard Caffeine is a diuretic so especially if you're taking an early test it's usually common to have to urinate during the test. And yes, you can hold your bladder - I didn't piss myself - but it's very distracting during the test to squelch the urge.

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    Just have a few sips of water. If you don't overdo the liquids it shouldn't be an issue hopefully.

  • I took the November LSAT Flex and this was my BIGGEST concern going in. For one, I also have the world's smallest bladder and I knew that even if I didn't drink water during the test there was no way for me to go two and a half hours without needing to pee. Secondly, dehydrating yourself is really not great for cognitive function. Very embarrassed to admit I ended up wearing very loose shorts that could be pulled to the side, sitting on a towel and peeing on the towel and then pulling it out from under me and putting it on the floor until my test was done and I could throw it away. In hind sight, probably would have been much easier to wear an adult diaper. I know how unpleasant it sounds, but I personally have found that having to pee makes it almost impossible for me to focus and I wouldn't want to deal with that during my test. Best of luck to you.

  • PrayForMePrayForMe Member
    32 karma

    Thanks for all the tips! I took the lsat on yesterday and just ended up peeing in a bucket. I kept it under my desk, showed it during the room scan and made sure to keep my face in frame the entire time. It was a fun little andventure that took the edge off the nerves half way through. Highly recommend.

  • George MGeorge M Member
    56 karma

    I have the same accommodations like you do plus 10 minute breaks in between. You will be so stressed that you wont have time to think about yourself and/or about peeing.
    P.S Just pee before the test

  • kewlgirliekewlgirlie Core Member
    23 karma

    It's NOT ridiculous, I've been wondering the same thing and I don't have extra time. Yes, I always have to pee during movies, etc. Some people are just different. I had already been thinking about wearing a diaper. Ugh. It's necessary though. Good luck to you!

  • elliaddaganelliaddagan Member
    144 karma

    practice peeing in a jar under the desk and not knocking it over while doing some practice tests. just like everything LSAT, practice makes perfect.

  • lawandyodalawandyoda Live Member
    146 karma

    you guys are kidding with the whole bucket thing i hope....

  • kmattkmatt Core Member
    71 karma

    Thank you for asking this I needed these answers lol

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